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What kind of coaster do u want Cedar Point to build next?? Personally, I would like a new floorless coaster. It would be cool for a kind of dueling coaster. It seems that almost every park has one of those now!! OK. I just wanted your opinion.

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Im not sure if they will get a new coaster for 2001, but if they did I would like to see a wooden coaster. Maybe they could build a wooden coaster that would go well with the boardwalk project that is soposed to happen. A floorless would be nice, but I think Cedar Point needs another wooden coaster.

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I want a 310-foot steel coaster made by Intamin... oh, wait...

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I think CP will get a new coaster in 2001, even if it's a small a mad mouse. The reason? PKI is only one coaster behind and CP needs to hold claim of their record. What if CP didn't get a new coaster in 2001 and PKI did? We have a tie folks. So they will add something. CP will be watching PKI closer than ever
Somehow, I think that if the boardwalk project materializes, we would probably see at the least, a mad-mouse style coaster (the inverted one featured at the IAAPA Convention would be most awesome!)
I also think that a recreation of the Cedar Point Cyclone would be an excellent idea!

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There would be no tie... unless you use the PKI method of counting Racer as two. Those silly marketing people.

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I think that Cedar Point shold add a Mad Mouse, an Oblivion type coaster, or a floorless roller coaster for 2001. In 2002, if PKI doesn't build another coaster, Cedar Point should take a whole year off from the "ride mania" and fix up their old rides that need to have help. Put up special effects in Magnum's tunnels and also fix the special effects for DT. Those would make a driffrence! Thay could also re-track some of Mean Streak (even though it all needs it!) They could also add a few more small rides(spin and hurl, etc.) or they could add a fun house or something like that. Oh, and also, Jeff great new look! I like all the Millennium Force pictures and the new color scheme! Keep up the great Millennium Force coverage!
I would like to see a Floorless or mega-looper. If the boardwalk project is indeed true then a "Ghostrider" type woodie would be very groovy with me.
Well for a while I was hoping that Cedar Point would get the floorless but with Geauga Lake getting one I don't want CP to get one. If MF works out well (like there are any doubts in my mind) I could see a Intamin mega looper coming to the park next as the next major coaster.
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Is it May yet?
I would love to see a GCI twister out on the beachfront.
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GCI coasters, generalizing, are too tame. I'd love to see a CCI coaster along the lines of Ghost Rider though.
We all know that PKI has 12 coasters, not 13. But, officially they market 13, meaning that CP only has one more coaster. Expect something in 2001at CP to take it up to 15.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that Janice from Guest Relations has stated publicly that the next project was going to be of the mega looper variety. She was quoted in a story in the Sandusky paper as I recall.
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I think her (Janice Lifke-Witherow, public relations manager extrodinaire) comments were taken out of context. There's no way that they would explicitly reveal what's next in the master plan.

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It did seem odd that she would let the cat out of the bag, so to speak. But what WAS she talking about then? The lead time for these projects is such that they have to be in the design stages right now for the next big coaster. It will be interesting to see what happens next, eh?
I read that article too. She did elude to it, but did not come out and say that it was a go. From the article, it does seem as though CP has plans for a reocrd-breaking mega-looper, but when...who knows! CP never reveals their plans too early.
From what I remember about the article, she said something like "Cedar Point is working on rides that will flip and turn people ways like they never had before" I think by saying this she was just referring to the fact that new CP rides are always revolutionary and different in one way or another. I don't think she was directly referring to any new ride that CP is planning.
Is a mega-looper a coaster with 10+ loops or a coaster that is really tall with loops?
Quoted from a previous thread:

"The article was in the Lorain Morning Journal, below is the important text:

While Cedar Point's tallest and fastest has yet to be constructed, designers are already tackling the demands of the next coaster, Ms. Lifke said. However, she declined to give details.

'We're already working on designing and developing the biggest and best, that flips and turns you the most,' she said. 'Basically it depends on what our guests want, which has always been roller coasters -- number one.'

So, while Ms. Lifke doesn't come right out and say "Mega Looper", the "flips and turns you the most" comment certainly implies a very large looping coaster."

It certainly does. We'll find out for sure in a year or two. :)

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Wasn't this her commentary on the construction of MF?? The "flips & turns" she was referring to could have meant the 2 122 degree overbanked curves.

What was the date of that article?

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