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This is not meant to be a complaint, but rather a suggestion. Probably one much easier said than done. Throughout the year, we have gotten our money's worth using the season pass dining plan at CP and the orange souvenir cups - which 95% of the time we refill at one of the Freestyle stations.

It took us several visits to get used to/acquainted with what meal plan food items were available where. It was often a struggle to get our daughter to decide on a food item close in vicinity to where my wife or I were hoping to snag dinner - which often resulted in dad making a food choice compromise.

I've seen a lot of complaints here recently about the understaffed or unopened haunts, which I can sympathize, but the bigger issue [for me] has been the food and freestyle locations that aren't open. With limited meal plan choices and my family's individual preferences and tastes (and familiarity with where we need to go to get what we want), not knowing what will or won't be open throws a giant wrench into our dining at the Point. Before anyone jumps on me - I FULLY UNDERSTAND that the park cannot staff everything 100% at this time of year and that there WILL BE some food stands or freestyle locations that must be closed in order to ensure some level of efficiency at the remaining open locations. I am fine with that and expect it.

But I wonder how difficult it would be for the park to implement another layer to the mobile app which simply indicates whether a particular food stand is currently open or closed -- or as was the case last Friday -- that the cheeseburger and grilled chicken side of a particular stand was open and serving, but the pizza and chicken finger menu options were not available.

We came over to the park Friday to get something to eat and hit a few rides. We stopped at Subway to get a sandwich for our daughter, but my wife decided she wanted something different. At first we stopped at Panda Express to see what was on the menu, but my wife and daughter are not fond of the spiciness of the orange chicken, which it looked like was the only main item available. (Couldn't tell for certain without waiting in the line to see). I would have been fine with eating that, but decided to pass rather than hold them up while I waited in line. We walked down the trail and I don't think any meal plan food places or freestyles were open until we got all the way around to the mine ride. I decided the pizza was an acceptable swap for the orange chicken, but the side which sells pizza and chicken fingers was closed -- so we ended up ordering two cold cheeseburgers and old fries.

They can put ride wait times or closures on the mobile app. Is it feasible to do the same with food locations? Not how long the food lines are, but just whether they are currently open or not? It would save a lot of time and frustration to see from the app that a particular place is closed rather than walk all the way there (and right past an acceptable alternative) only to find out when you arrive that you're out of luck.

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That would be a nice idea. I could see a problem with current updates because they sometimes seem to open and close throughout based on crowds. They might be working on it for next year, that app got alot of updates just since opening day.

PS i like your signature. My dad rode coasters with me until the year he died. Im not sure how he made it through raptor and mantis, but it made for many fond memories.

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I like that idea also, and hope it is something that can be implemented at some point. I almost always get cup refills at the Freestyle stations, and when there is only one open in the entire park, and we don't know it, it makes for a lot of walking to closed locations (since we didn't know only ONE was opened). I noticed also that in the Lil's theater the one Friday night, they weren't serving ANY drinks there. No refills, no beer, nada. I don't think they had enough staff there. Hopefully, they have that fixed, since I would imagine they lose money on the beer not being there, at the very least.

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