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In the past 1.5 years, I've been to at least 30 different parks from all different chains including CF, 6F, SEAS, Herschend and many smaller parks. One of the things that impressed me the most compared to past years is how good CF food, especially CP and KI plus speed of service, has gotten to be at these parks. Sure, Aunt Granny's and Voyager serve better meals with longer waits, but, CP and KI are doing fantastic jobs with food and beverages this year. I never waited more than 5 minutes at a restaurant or drink stand at the CF parks and received really good meals. I was at Universal, last week, and only had 1 meal that was better than anything I received at any of the CF parks I visited. The thing I do prefer at Universal is the micro-chipped cups. 6F is implementing this system, now. Kudos to CF management and staff in these areas.

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That's encouraging to hear, because it was mediocre to bad for a lot of years, and not at all consistent between CP and KI.

Food at Universal is almost universally crappy. They don't even get basic chicken nuggets right. The only place it's good is in the Harry Potter areas, where it's above average.

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I agree with the Harry Potter restaurants being good, but, the lines were ridiculously long.

The BBQ restaurants at CP and KI are really good and fast.

If by "good" you mean "not awful, and a significant improvement from the Kinzel days" I would agree. It's still inconsistent though, something that is pretty good one visit winds up not good at all on another.

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The food at CP is garbage compared to Universal. I was there all last week and every meal I had far exceeded anything I have had at CP.

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While I agree F&B lines at CP were great all season they were horrendous at KI at the beginning. Not to mention the shenanigans KI F&B was pulling with attempting to call 4 individual chicken wing sections a “meal”. Given the opportunity they refused to do anything about it until publicly shamed and then promptly reversed course.

I think things were pretty good this year although I have not been to the park during Sept/Oct and I do remember it being pretty god awful on opening day (drink lines specifically and also the redemption process for Frontier Festival). Once they raised pay to $20 an hour things improved pretty quickly though. I think Hugo's is very good, Mac Shack is pretty good, Backbeat is usually good although I've had some skimpy portions and some tasteless mac and cheese on occasion. I still think chicken tenders are sort of overdone throughout the park and they could stand to lose a stand or two of those and add something else more interesting. Looking forward to the new place in the back although I think there are probably other areas of the park that could use it more.

Ironically, I also had a terrible food experience at Busch Gardens Williamsburg of all places back in April. The only major food venue open was Festhaus. Waited 45 minutes outside to get in and wait another 20 in a tight area with a bunch of people during COVID. The food was not nearly as good as I thought I remembered either.

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