I went to Coasters, Hugos, Backbeat BQ (or whatever it's called), and someplace on the midway where I made the mistake of getting chicken fingers.

Hugo's, to be honest, was quite tasty. When I was in the queue, I saw them take a pizza out of the oven and asked the food service employee to give me "that one", "nice job, thank you very much".

Now Coasters, the chicken finger place, and Backbeat were less than desirable.

Backbeat? The meat was akin to one of the nasty shoes I used to wear at work, only my siamese used to lick the dried raw chicken off of my work shoes (so they must have tasted OK). The steak fries out of the bag were marginal at best.

Coasters was simply terrible. Covid? ( I get it). They changed their workflow so that the burgers are sitting under heat lamps (tasty), the fries were little twigs as well.... Don't do it!

The "new" chicken fingers looked good; looks can be decieving. They were dry (a real problem with chicken fingers unless you under cook them (155). 165+ comes after they "rest" (they continue to cook) . If you're a skilled chef; you check the temp before you serve them. If they're 160+ "you're golden".

I retired from Kroger in June. 11 years as a "Sous Chef", mostly frying dead chicken parts (just nasty). Kroger chicken tenders are wonderful if you get them fresh and slightly undercooked. I forged the temp logs (like everyone else) but made sure that they were 165+ before I put them out.

Retherming brisket does not work all that well. In fact, I think that my mistake with B was not ordering the half chicken. It's very difficult to screw up a rotisserie chicken, bloody impossible (although I've done it). I have a justifiable aversion to chicken as it's just nasty. Although a competently cooked rotisserie chicken is extremely tasty. Fresh Kroger fried chicken is really good and fairly priced.

Anyway, I really hope that some of the execs actually read these posts. I love the park full stop. The food ? Yikes!

kjettski said:

It's very difficult to screw up a rotisserie chicken

Dorney found a way to do it and their waterpark quick service earlier this year.

As for CP - I believe the "hand breaded chicken tenders" are only available at Backbeat and Farmhouse, and sometimes they are still the food service frozen tenders out of a bag. Corral never seems to have them anymore (despite advertising that they do) and nowhere else ever did.

If you're able to get the true hand breaded tenders (typically earlier in the season is when you'll have a better chance, although Backbeat and Farmhouse have had them consistently this year) they are quite good.

The new burgers at Coasters are very good this year as well, but they're still using the pale, tasteless food service fries. I'd much rather have the potato wedges from Backbeat.

I've never gone wrong with the rotisserie chicken from Backbeat. The brisket is hit or miss, when it's good it is great - but when it's not it's pretty bleh.

Overall the food from the 'better' places (Hugos, Backbeat, Farmhouse) has been waaay better and more consistent this year than past years, where you could get a good meal from Hugos or Backbeat one day and a pretty crappy one the next. And this year is the first time in literal decades that I've eaten at Coasters. I just wish the quality extended to more of the outdoor locations like Dragons Inn or Stockade. And I wish Corral had the quality they advertise.

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The joint on the site of the old antique cars is the tits. Some of the best theme park food I've had in years, and I have regular access to the Epcot festivals. I had quick service chicken fingers somewhere that were at least ok. The bar on Frontier Trail where the carver used to work has some premium liquor, through it's a little pricey.

For as disappointing as operations were in my spring visit, I think they're generally moving in the right direction for food.

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Yeah Farmhouse is a great addition. I haven't had anything there I didn't like and the quality is always consistent. I know it's just a side, but every time I have the smashed redskins I'm in disbelief that it's a CP food item.

Of everything there, the fried smashed potatoes are the only thing that are hit and miss for me. Sometimes they're incredible, other times they're drowning in so much liquid butter I can feel my arteries harden.

I think the varied food options are great, even if the food itself may not be stellar everywhere. For example, I enjoy Backstreet because it’s something different. I’ve had more tender meat, but I think it’s good enough to make for an enjoyable meal. Having said that, I also still enjoy the traditional park food like a chili dog, a hot dog-on-a-stick, or some fries with cheese.

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Nothing but good things from me on the new Farmhouse Kitchen. The wood fired steak is always great, the chicken tenders are on point, and the potatoes are always good. Best restaurant the park has ever had imo. Great portions too, more than enough.

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I just can’t get excited about chicken tenders, at an amusement park or at a restaurant. They’re chicken tenders for crying out loud.

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There are really good chicken tenders like the park has now, or there are really bad chicken tenders like the park use to serve. Soft juicy chicken with a good batter makes all the difference.

I think the food offerings are the best they have ever been. They get a lot of hate on their social media feeds about replacing rollercoasters with restaurants but as an older guy I appreciate the food and drink and guarantee that I am spending more money at the park than I was as a teen thrill seeker.

On the food topic, is anyone expecting the night of the living fed back this year? They dropped the dine in the dark from the nights event. Not sure whether to read anything into that. Tony mentioned limited specialty items around the park, but nothing on a centralized dinner. Guessing they're still finalizing the food plans. Wonder if the fry fest affected the food part of the Halloweekends info release?

Farmhouse is a great addition. The steak is a go to almost every visit. Both the potatoes and the chili are great sides. Hugo's continues to be a solid choice although they never seem to have garden salad and they don't offer stromboli or meatball subs anymore which are both in writing on the front of the building. The burrito bowls in the back offer a decent bang for the buck although the salsas are rather bland in my opinion. I haven't done Backbeat as much this year, but I do generally enjoy the rotisserie chicken. I'm not big on brisket. Their mac and cheese has never really impressed me. Too greasy and not really cheesy/creamy enough for my liking, but I guess some people like it.

I did notice Mac Shack was closed the last two days and that seems like it'd be a rather easy location to operate, but what do I know?

Interested to see what goes in the Grand Pavilion. I've always thought some sort of upscale tacos would do well and that seems like a good location to do it along with some margaritas and beers. Guessing there will be a few options in there.

I saw that the chef from KI was promoted to regional corporate chef now so he is actually overseeing KI, CP, along with I think Dorney, MIA, Kings Dominion, and one other that escapes me - maybe Canada's Wonderlend. I think CP and KI have come a long way in their food offerings. MIA sure could use some help though. Haven't been to Dorney in years.


Hudson said:

On the food topic, is anyone expecting the night of the living fed back this year?

From what I have heard Night of the Living Fed will not return this year :( I'm pretty bummed out about it

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On our visit in August Farmhouse provided the best meal of the day, and yeah, those red potatoes are delicious. And not only were we similarly impressed by BBQ, even the Hot Dog on a Stick combo from Dragon's Inn was excellent, so too funnel cakes from Toot Sweets. Just great food all around, which is such a change from years ago.

I too look forward to see what comes out of Grand Pavilion.


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Shades said:

I just can’t get excited about chicken tenders, at an amusement park or at a restaurant. They’re chicken tenders for crying out loud.

You've never had Raising Caine's, have you? They will change your entire viewpoint on chicken tenders. It's pretty much all they do and I've never had bad Caine's.

Proud 5th Liner and CP fan since 1986.

I’ve had Caine’s. They're not bad, but they are chicken tenders. No more, no less.

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Chicken tenders at most normal restaurants are relegated to the Kid's Menu section.

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I don't think your definition of normal is valid. It's fried chicken, without the skin or the parts that are less good for you. Zaxby's and Huey Magoo's have built their entire businesses around them. (The latter uses the actual tenderloin, which I'm not crazy about.)

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Love me some Caine's, though the Sandusky location wasn't the best I've had - those were at the Louisville/Springhurst location - and it was a sample size of one, to be fair.

And yes, they're "just chicken tenders," but that doesn't mean they can't be delicious.


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Are chicken tenders now considered a "lesser" food?

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