Looking at the web cam image of Frontier Town, it seems that the new eatery is catching lots of sun. So, I assume that the trees at the old Antique Cars site were removed. Those were the last of the big old trees that Frontier Town and Frontier Trail had in them. I think that is a shame.

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I don't know the status and age of trees on the point but the general removal of foliage is something I do agree upon. I would love to see more greenery and shaded walkways come back even if they have to interact it with the pathways at other areas or even have little islands or planters in the middle of the path as long as it's done reasonably.

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I won't be able to see it in person until Father's Day, but from Walt's pictures it looks like they did a good job of keeping a significant amount of the larger older trees. It also looks like a lot of the leaves on those trees (like many in the woods in my backyard) are not yet mature, not providing the amount of shade that they will in another week or so.

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Disappointed as I am with the removal of Antique Cars, the entire Farmhouse area looks fantastic. Lots of seating, beautiful landscaping, and as Kevin mentioned, it seems they took some effort to maintain whatever mature trees they could, even integrating them into the layout in many cases. And the way they integrated it into the existing midways - providing multiple points of access around the area - will go a long way to spread out crowds back there.


Where can I see Walt's Photos?

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The music loop at Farmhouse is pretty great as well. It is straight out of Dollywood in the best possible way!

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I feel like a lot of Frontier Town is starting to become Dollywood Sandusky, and I LOVE it.

Let's not get carried away just yet.

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Let's just hope that CP's RMC doesn't go the path of Dollywood's...

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Let's hope the dragster maintenance crew isn't maintaining SV then.

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It looks pretty, but don't be fooled. That place is going to be bee and yellow jacket central as soon as the weather warms up.

Last year my sister and I got some pizza and sat down on a brick wall in that area to eat. Nope. The yellow jackets were on us and after our food as soon as we stopped moving. You really can't get rid of them.

I anticipate that once the weather warms up and bee/yellow jacket season starts, that's going to be the major complaint about that area: that it looks great but you can't eat there because the bees and yellow jackets are all over you.

Aaannnnd no indoor seating at the farmhouse. Food looks good, though

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Would you rather they had removed more trees?


I just think it is a shame of remove anything older than you, how about that? And for what, an overhyped Boston Market?

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Something, something... bees and yellow jackets

Almost as if it's summer time in Ohio or something.

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In 45 years of visiting cedar point, I don't have one memory of an encounter with a yellow jacket, or any problem with "yellow jacket season". I mean, I don't remember those first 5 years (hippocampus wasn't really mature yet), but is that a thing?

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I think experiences with yellowjackets and stingy things of that sort are directly proportional to how much pop is consumed in the park, though I've had a yellowjacket try to fly into my mouth at a drinking fountain in Camp Snoopy once upon a time.

It could be worse, could be mayflies and muffleheads and ketchup/mustard dispensers.

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I mean, they like to congregate around places with lots of sugar, like trash cans full of half consumed cups of coke. They also are kind of aggressive about food, hence them disturbing picnics everywhere, but it's not like they swarm by the thousands.

They hang out near the ICEE nozzles, and in the drop trays where the stuff collects, but unless you swat or otherwise put pressure on one of them, you're not likely to get stung

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