Florida's Second Biggest Tourist Destination

Bet you are thinking that Universal Studios is the second biggest draw in Florida. Second only to Disney. Think again. The second biggest tourist destination in Florida is Sawgrass Mills outlet mall in South Florida.

Why is this relevant? The Mills Corporation is planning to build it's next major mall in Streetsboro Ohio, just down the street from Six Flags Ohio. This is the same company that is building a mall where the Opryland Theme Park once stood.

I'll say it again, Cedar Point is in for more competition than they expect. Don't get me wrong, I am no Premier lover! I am just telling you all that there will be more to this than you realize.
I have no doubt that SFOO will draw some of the crowds away from CP - I think we are going to see a more aggressive marketing campaign from CF in the coming years.

Thing of it is - CP in my estimation is safe with everyone east of Cleveland. Why drive to GL when it's all right there on the bay in Sandusky?

Cedar Point/Cedar Fair will not let their guard down on this one. I think they knew what they were getting into in the SoCal market - Cleveland shouldn't be any different.

(except for the snow, sleet, rain, cold, yada yada)

Cedar Point? si!
Six Flags? nyet!
I think it will be awhile before Six Flags becomes any serious compettion for CP, actually it will only make CP better in the long run, because now CP will make sure it always stays ahead of Six Flags, Cp will always be one step ahead for sure now!! Kind of keep Cp on their toes!

Ride it hard, long, and furious!
Poor Opryland... it was a wonderful park. :::crying::: Stupid malls!!!

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