First the Ferris Wheel now during Halloweekends!?!

What the heck is wrong with these people lol. There are kids and families everywhere.

I can't imagine the one guy recording with his cell phone video... yes hold on one second I am getting evidence for the police. LOL

I guess the hotel prices are pretty high this year on property......

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Is her name Roxanne?

Couldn't they find a shed?

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There are kids and families everywhere.

Well yeah, that's how they're made.

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"It's a family park, not a park for making families!"

I forget who to credit for that one.

--Dave Althoff, Jr.

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I think I first heard it from "Magnum" Dan.

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Youd almost expect it from some young people who live with mom and dad and have nowhere to be alone (although a park isn’t exactly private). But both of these incidents involve 30 something’s who should have their own place for that.

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Given the state of the housing market, it would be less surprising than ever for 30-somethings to be living with their parents.


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^Given the state of the current housing market and inflation I wish my house was bigger so that it would be more comfortable for my kids to stay home as long as possible. They both have their own vehicles though so there's no excuse to be doing that out in public at an amusement park while waiting in line. I could almost understand a couple wanting to maybe wander off somewhere secluded within the park like Camp Spooky after it closes on a Friday or something but what I read made it sound like they were in line for something. I just don't get that.

I'm not surprised lol. Security were out in full force this past weekend, but there are just so many dumb kids there! I saw a fair bit of pumpkin vandalism on Friday (which is really lame, obviously), and between a Fri-Sat Cedar Point to Kings Island gauntlet, was actually shocked at how many people clearly snuck in weed pens and were using them in the park. Often in line for something.

I actually thought security were waiting outside Slaughterhouse for a group behind ours that were super disruptive and antagonistic, but they just let them pass lol

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