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Here's a random story of CP that I think I haven't thought of in a long time I'd like to share.

Not sure how many folks remember the new defunct Sky Slide (a giant slide) from way back when -- well, it was probably sometime in the 1970s and I was somewhere between maybe 5-8 years old (can't recall for sure). My family and I took our annual summer pilgrimage to CP for the day. My little brother and I pretty much rode the kiddie land rides and other low thrill attractions.

My mom wanted me to start going on bigger rides and thought the Sky Slide was a great start -- I wanted nothing to do with it and refused to go on it. Finally later in the day, she (lack for a better word) forced me to go on it with her. I remember walking up the stairs freaking out and trying to get her to let me not go on it. She wouldn't have it. We got to the top (I was probably crying by this point) and the ride op was lining all of the riders in their lanes to go down (about a dozen or so).

To make it less traumatic for me (and boy did this backfire), my mom and I got in the same burlap sack with me in the front and her behind me. When the ride op said go to us all and my mom pushed us off, as we went down the first hill, I literally put both of my hands out and tried to stop the ride by grabbing the slide itself.

I had no idea what I was doing, what I would do if the ride stopped -- all I knew is that I did NOT want to be on this ride and my best option was to get it to stop moving. Well as luck would have it, our sack did stop after the first hill. As we sat on the crest before the next hill, I got out of the burlap sack and starting running back and forth across the crest crying. Yes we (or I actually) caused a scene that would have been blogged about on this forum today if it was witnessed. I remember the ride op on his microphone screaming at my mom to get the child back in the burlap sack and proceed down the rest of the slide.

Eventually she either got me back in the sack or I did on my own (things were rather foggy at that point). But she held me tight like a bear hug (so my hands wouldn't try to stop us again) and we went down the rest of the slide.

We did not get in trouble nor did any ride op or worker come to yell at us as far as I can recall. I do remember my hands being burned and red like no one's business.

I suppose some may say was abuse putting me on it -- but my mom is and was a very nice lady and I think she just wanted me to step up my thrill ride experience. Needless to say, we spent the rest of the day in kiddie land and she learned that I would experience new thrills on own time line.

Funny, every time I see a Giant Slide at another park or festival, I get butterflies in my stomach.

Just wanted to share this story, I'm sure others may have some other funny or traumatic stories about their first rides.


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Mine was a similar first experience on Demon Drop. I remember being really nervous through the whole line, and then when they loaded my family in, I started bawling. The ride op asked if I wanted off, and I said yes, but my mom insisted no, I would be fine. I cried through the whole ride and still hated it up until the day it was removed from the park. I had gone on the Tower of Terror before that as well when I was probably 7 and that was equally as traumatizing. The preshow was so terrifying. It's raining, it's pouring, brings back bad memories.

My very first ride experience was at Kings Island. I was so excited to get to ride a roller coaster for the very first time, and my parents take me and my cousin into the line on the Racer. We wait in line and finally it's our turn! We get in and it's time to take off and I can't even handle the anticipation! The ride hosts say we're good to go and BAM - the dang thing starts going backwards! What the heck?! Nobody told me this was going to happen!! My dad is the worst!

I don't think I rode another roller coaster that day. :(

I got a nasty friction burn on the outside of my leg going down that slide. I was about 10 years old. Went immediately to the first aid station (which is located in the same place) and they treated me well. I rode the giant slide many more times before it was removed, but knew to keep my body parts from touching the fiberglass on the way down.

Nowadays it would have necessitated a lawsuit, or at the very least, a forum thread. Disturbing...

Jr. Gemini in '84. On the same day I was traumatized by the drop on White Water Landing. I didn't ride a real roller coaster until 1987, when the Iron Dragon opened, and I was scared sh*tless. They used to have a big billboard for it next to my school and it was right outside my classroom window. I remember staring at it and just imagining how horrifying the ride must be. After dropping that first hill I loved it. My clearest memory is looking down and seeing a chimpanzee running underneath. Always my favorite!

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Double Loop, not sure the year. I was prepared as hell to ride it up until I got to the stairs, then I totally had a meltdown. Mom dragged me on ,front car row two, kicking and everything. Got in, got quiet, and rode terrified up until I got done. Then I had to immediately reride. From there it's been history.

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One of my earliest ride memories is also of some nice, giant slide-induced trauma! Similarly, I was terrified and my mom encouraged me to just bite the bullet and slide, assuring me that it'd be a blast and I'd be glad I did it.

Made the climb, swallowed the terror, plopped down onto the burlap and let go. It WAS fun! Until, that is, I reached the bottom, stoked for another go, sprung up to trot back around, and promptly sprained my little ankle :| I can only imagine the speedy transition of my face from YEAH to NOOOOOOO.

It was my first "real" injury as a little kid. I had to limp back to the car in embarassment and defeat, a tiny sobbing mess. It all felt so very tragic at the time. Now that I think about it, I don't think I ever actually rode one of those slides again.

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