First & Possibly only trip to CP

We're heading to Cedar Point over the next 2 days (10th & 11th July), we're from Calgary, AB so CP is not an easy place to get to and this may be our only ever visit.

We're staying at the Express Hotel for the night, this gets us early entry both days and free parking. We don't have fast passes purchased, but will see how busy Tuesday is, then make a decision about getting them for Wednesday (or even adding a 3rd day and going Thursday as that would be cheaper than fast pass)

Few questions:
Where should we park? I heard there's a parking lot round the back that's good for access, to the Shores, but that doesn't open until 9.30 and we're going to aim for 9am arrival. So main lot?

Several rides say you're not allowed to bring anything on, does that include things in your pockets? I think we're going to travel light, but still need phones, wallets, sunglasses at least. Should we just get the movable locker thing and use that. Then we can have 1 bag with stuff as needed.

Can you bring water bottles into the park and are there water fountains you can fill up at? If we did we'd do the locker thing. Or is it better to get the all-day drink pass, then you can use a new cup all the time and avoid water bottles.

Thinking of heading to Steel Vengeance first and getting it done early, is it currently the worst for lines?

Any other top tips? Family of 4, my daughter is 52" so can get on most stuff. My son can get on everything. I want to ride a lot, my wife is going to see how things go...

Urumqi -

The all-day drink plan is a good deal especially considering you can reuse the pass every 15 minutes. Take the cup offer and share the pass with the whole family. In other words, you will only need to purchase one drink deal. Also, wherever you can purchase drinks in the park you can receive a free cup of water. Just walk up to the cashier and ask for a cup of water.

MrMeSeeks -

If you bring anything large into the park, be prepared to have someone sit behind or invest in a locker. If it doesn't fit in a locker, have someone sit or don't bring it into the park.

Rides that require lockers for bags,souvenir cups, stuffed animals, etc: Gatekeeper, Valravn, Top Thrill Dragster, Rougarou, Millennium Force, Magnum XL-200, and Steel Vengeance.

You can take fanny packs on all those rides above, except Steel Vengeance. I'd invest in shorts/pants with button pockets or zipper pockets. If you lose anything on a ride, you may have to wait until the end of the night to get anything back.

Since you have early entry, try and get to the park at 8:30 to use the e.e. to the full advantage. Valravn, Gatekeeper, Millennium Force, Maverick, and Steel Vengeance are the big coasters open for early entry. I'd ride Valravn, Millennium Force, Maverick, and Steel Vengeance during early entry since they have the longest lines in the park. On Tuesday, Steel Vengeance will not be open for early entry. They are running Raptor instead. Some rides may not be open due to mechanical issues or weather, so be prepared.

If your daughter is 52'', be prepared to be measured at every 52'' ride, multiple times. If the bar on the height stand doesn't stop at her head, she can't ride. The only rides she can't ride are Raptor, Rougarou, and Witches Wheel for they are 54''. Tennis Shoes and socks for her. They make the smallest difference that can prevent her from riding.

If you play any games, I'd suggest waiting until towards the end of the night. You don't want to carry the prizes around all day.

I'd get the all-day drinking pass. It's the best offer without buying a souvenir cup. If it's hot, maybe get two passes instead of one. No reason to get 4 passes when you can get a drink every 15 minutes.

Good luck!

Hobbess -

Thanks for the detailed reply! I think we're somewhat ready!

Roughly what should I expect in terms or waits? The isitpacked site said busy but not crazy. I'm expecting some waits on most rides but hoping for no waits longer than an hour, is that reasonable or am I being too optimistic?

Dvo -

I would expect longer waits than an hour for Steel Vengeance, and possibly a few other rides (Millennium, TTD, Maverick) depending on time of day. Recommend doing the premier attractions early or later in the day, and hitting the other stuff in the peak hours.

Hobbess -

Woohoo - 2 days done, 40 coaster rides on all the 16 Coasters I could do.

Highlights: Millennium, especially front row and seeing my 8 & 10 y/o doing the front row by themselves, Maverick and Steel Vengeance. Also 6 rides late last night in last 30 mins (Twister, 2x Gatekeeper and 3x Valravn)

Lowlights, losing my phone on Raptor, food choices (why is there nothing healthy anywhere?), Maverick and MF being down a bit too much and Corkscrew OUCH not a comfortable ride!

Steel Vengeance waits were ok, first morning 2 hours, 2nd day under 90 mins. So in line with expectations, we avoided the worst of the crowds when wait was 2.5 hrs+.

1st ride of TTD wait was about 1 hour as it had been down on the 1st day, rode it again 4 times and worst wait was 30 mins. All other waits were 30mins or less, mostly a lot less. 2nd day MF and Maverick were down for the whole afternoon and evening, I was looking forward to more rides on both but that didn't happen so rode more elsewhere.

We got 1 meal plan and 1 drink plan. Both worked well, the meal plan choices were limited, but we knew that and we certainly got our moneys worth as we ate pretty religiously on the 90 mins. We used the free water and drinks well too so didn't feel we missed bringing in our own water bottles.

Managed day 1 without using lockers, though did lose my phone so maybe not the greatest choice... day 2 we had a locker as my wife spent some chill out time on the beach so later on we had a few extra things in tow.

My daughter got the 52" wristband, found she was measured only a handful of times after that.

We were parked before 9am each day in the main lot near the North West corner and entered by the Valravn entrance. The hotel registration guy was super helpful in showing us where to go when we picked up our passes on day 1. Express Hotel was decent and well worth it, we're staying only 30 mins away for the week, but happy for the 1 night to be 5 mins away and get all the perks like free parking and early entry.

Not sure when/if we'll back but was a blast! Now spending a day doing nothing!

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As far as the lockers go, if this is a once in a lifetime trip consider it. I swear by cargo shorts with button up pockets. It's the new Sandusky chic.

I'll be there tomorrow. Tuesday lines aren't that bad but remember we are in mid July so it will still probably be crowded. I spend my mid days at muffleheads in the water park.

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You can take stuff on any ride as long as it fits in your pocket. I would just go with the all-day drink plan so you don't have to carry a water bottle with you. For that, you would need a locker to ride. SV, I would probably do that first since it's your only visit just on one of the days, but you can try different times on your second or third day. I've also found that in the evening after about 6PM the line is shorter than the rest of the day, still long but not as bad. But this is the busy season so that might not be the case.

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