Ferry Boat coming back?

I've heard this from a couple of different people, but in one version, they're bringing back the ferry boat that takes people to and from Cedar Point from the mainland (more than just the Jet Express, I guess), and in the other, they're bringing back the ferryboat RIDE, eg, the paddlewheel boat excursion that used to go around the island where the Raptor is now.

Does anyone know more about this? Either one would be cool, but I think people are getting their stories mixed up.

The Raptor is not surrounded by water. Maybe you’re thinking about The Rougarou.

The park made an “announcement” that a “River Adventure” is on tap for 2020. No other details.

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“A river expedition for the entire family is set to launch into our waters” and I believe Tony said something to the effect of “roughly” the same path as the old ride.

I remain highly skeptical of any dedicated ferry service to and from the peninsula. Operating expenses would be high with relatively low capacity and only needed for a small number of operating days.

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A ferry to the mainland probably wouldn't do too well. They would have to offer some really good incentives to get people to use it. Truthfully, it doesn't matter what incentives they offer, I probably would never use it. At the end of the day, I'm tired and want to get out of there. The last thing I want to do at the end of the day is have to take up to an extra hour to get back to my car.

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I am with you there. Now if they offered a foot spa and valet service for my car I might be convinced to take them up on their generous offer,

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I'm not saying I would use it regularly, but I would be interested in a mainland ferry option depending on the schedule and pricing. I have NOT yet tried the Jet Express option... but I only live about a mile away from the Jackson Street pier and my office is about midway between my house and the pier - just a few blocks away - so I could drive and park there for an even shorter walk. For all of the walking I would be doing at the park already, I could justify a 1/2 mile to full mile extra on the front and back end in the right circumstances. My wife used to take the ferry over to CP back in the late 70's &/or early 80's.

But my circumstances are unique. And even with the option to ride the Jet, I haven't done it yet. The convenience of just hopping in the car and having free parking still makes that the preferred choice.

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In the dark distant past when I worked there, the ferry was primarily used by employees going into town on days off as well as local employees. A big difference back then was ALL employee housing inside the park.

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I was just going to chime in with that very thing, the locals took it to work at the park. And we, as employees who stayed there, would take the ferry into town on days off to shop for essentials, get hair cuts, go to the movies, Frisch’s, etc. It was especially good for those who were on the Point without vehicles. There were a couple of 5 & dime stores downtown that made for great, cheap shopping. (Woolworth’s and Kresge/Jupiter come to mind).

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Hold up. INSIDE the park or on the peninsula? Or was the concept of inside the park different somehow back then? (Assuming you are referring to the 60s/70s)

Men stayed in the Cedars and women were split between the Gold Dorms, which we’re back there between the hotel and the water tower, and crappy rooms in the Breakers. There were also employee rooms on the upper floors of the rotunda, both men and women.
So, no, not in the park itself, but not off-site, if that was your question.

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I'd be willing to bet a considerable sum of money that there won't be a ferry service added any time soon or ever. The capacity and rate of service offered provides a negligible impact.

Once upon a time there was a park, not far from Buffalo NY, located on the northern shores of Lake Erie. The main travels to and from the park, until at least the 1930s, was via ferry. Ferries actually, two the Canadian and the American. Seems to me that ferries can easily transport thousands of people every day. But is there a market in 2020 on the southern shores of Lake Erie? Probably not.

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Don't forget about Bob-Lo Island and especially the Columbia and St. Clair, awesome steam- powered ferries that went from Detroit to the amusement park and back. On weekends, they had late-night "moonlight cruises". Later they added a ferry from Amherstburg, Ontario (across the river), and later still, one from Gibraltar, Mi. Those were the only access to the island, other than private boats.

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About a week and a half ago I had the pleasure of working with John Witherspoon (who sadly passed away earlier this week). After payout we sat bs'ing for a bit, and somehow Cedar Point came up, then Bob-Lo Island. Some of his earliest gigs were entertaining people on the Bob-Lo Island boat back and forth to Detroit. I'm glad I had the opportunity to hear such a story about a lost piece of history.

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I think it would be pretty amazing to reach the park by boat. Erie PA is 1.5 hours closer for me to travel And about $2000 cheaper in toll roads fees. I would absolutely take charter from Erie to CP. relax. Eat. Hydrate. Enjoy. :: wonders how long that would take by water::

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We’ve taken the High Speed ferry from Wisconsin to Muskegon, thought it’d be awesome. It’s not.

It’s probably best for single drivers, as they can get work done while traveling.

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Thanks for the tip! I've always thought it would be cool as well, but have never done it.

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Ferries don’t work to get people into parks anymore. Especially not parks with high annual attendance numbers and a large body of water between the gate and the parking lot. Not in the least.

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