Feeling The Fear Already?

Okay, anyone who's terrified of heights, like I am, knows what I'm talking about. Heights completely scare me... yet, I'm a coaster freak... go fig, anyways... Looking at the latest construction pics, from the top of the towers, looking DOWN on everything... I am already getting a bit anxious as to being on top of that come May.... am I completely nuts, or is anyone else feeling this too?
Hey it's ok! I mean didn't everyone feel the same way when the Magnum came out. If you've been on the Power Tower then it will be no sweat. If you haven't then maybe you can try looking around and if it scares you then you can close your eyes on the way up. If you do ride it with your eyes open then it's a way to cope with your fears. You will look back on it and think that scared "that crap out of me, but I thought it was fun."

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Yes but (especially if you are in the back) you will not know when you are going to drop with your eyes closed. Power Tower you can feel yourself stop and hear the air rush.

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For me, its not the heights, that dont bother me, its the first hill on anything! I loose my breath on drops, to me it feels like being held under water, if I could eliminate the first drop on all coasters, the fear factor would be gone, dont mind heights, or speed, or loops, just dont like not being able to breath going down the first drop, but all this considered i still have rode every coaster around, just about!
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It was actually coasters that helped me conquer my fear of heights. Until I was about 14, I wouldn't go near the things. I eventually worked my way up to where I would ride anything, including Power Tower, with little or no apprehension.

Actually, I should throw a disclaimer in here. I've conquered my fear of heights as long as I understand the mechanics of what is keeping me from falling. You'd never catch me walking an I-beam on a skyscraper construction site or peering over the edge of the Grand Canyon, but as long as I'm strapped in and secured, take me on up!

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Duane's story is my own, probably the same age, too. I wouldn't jump out of an airplane, or even get too close to the a cliff. But since I understand why coasters are safe, the hands go up, and I'm having a good time.

However, I still think MF is going to take some getting used to. That hill crests 70 feet higher than Power Tower's length of vehicle travel. This ride will be the first to supply the ultimate adrenaline rush since that Magnum ride in '88.

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And those open trains will make the height even more frightful. I get very uncomfortable on Power Tower, because of the open feeling and the height of it. Magnum was always easy to ride, 'cause the car kind of surrounds you and gives you a sense of being in something. The MF cars will be cause a different, more open sensation, that will scare the sh*t out of me the first time I ride it.
I can just imagine all of us on opening day standing in front of the queue enterence. "You go first! No, you go first! No I insist, you go first!"

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I agree with a lot of you. There is no way I would sky-dive, bungie-cord, hang-glide, go in an air-balloon, etc...but I love coasters. It's my way of being extreme, releasing those feelings, and feel safe at doing it. I still get nervous everytime I get to the top of magnum's hill, but I LOVE IT! So, I'm sure I'll be scared when I get to the top of MF. But, did I mention that I'll love it!
net - have you or would you go on RipCord? I think it's great because you don't have to fly/drop alone!
No fear...no fun!
I got to say that heights are something I fear as well.
When I was 6 my dad took me up in very small plane, a buddy of his owned. It was not a sunday drive. He did nose dives, barrel rolls, upside down, it was crazy. The combonation of adrenaline and pure fear was unbelievable. I have been addicted to that feeling ever since.

I don't see how you can really have fun with out some fear. Fear is my friend! It lets you know your alive!

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Will I be scared?.....I better be!

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I will admit that I will be scared my first few rides on Millennium Force. Thats what makes the ride so much better. One problem that I have gotten from riding Magnum so often is that I don't get that dropping feeling in my stomach any more. I figured, ok, Magnum doesn't give me that feeling anymore, but Iron Dragon ALWAYS gave me that feeling. So the second day of the operating season I rode Iron Dragon and going down the first drop I DIDN'T get that feeling in my stomach. Hopefull the MF drop will give me that feeling.

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the sheer IMMENSITY of this thing is what's starting to scare me...when you look at the construction pics and Mantis is this little tiny tangled thing it really hits home just how big it is. what was said earlier was so funny..."no YOU go first. no,YOU, i insist". that will probably be me at first. i am so pumped for this ride. i was almost in tears of joy when i first saw the layout and a crude track on RCT along with it. i can just see my boyfriend dragging me on it going "this is what you wanted!! you waited all winter for this!! now let's GO!!!" LOL!!! yes, MF is DEFINETLY starting to scare me. might need a little Valium beforehand...LOL!!! nah. just a warm-up or two or three on magnum.

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Believe me Dan you will!!!!! Hopefully I will too.
scared nah terrified yes that drop reminds me of the first time I saw Magnum however can't wait till May
It's going to be one hell of a ride!! I know I wont be able to eat before riding that! For me, they need to install bathrooms on the platform, everytime its time to ride a new coaster, that I'm nervous about, nature kicks in! Why me!!??
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LOL-I makes it even more difficult when the bathrooms are filthy.

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AnimalsRule...No, I have not been on Ripcord. I don't know if I would or not. But when I am at CP, I'll do just about anything. Most people I know don't want to pay the additional money to ride it and the others have no interest.
WHAT??!! Where is there a crude RCT track of Millennium Force?! Somebody please tell me where I can find and download it! PLEEEAAASSSEEE!!!!
CPGenius, i'll be damned if i can remember where it came from. my boyfriend is the one that found it...it seemed to be connected to the announcement of it somehow...i THINK the site is www.virtualcoasters.com, but PLEASE don't quote me on that... maybe check Coasterbuzzz...don't they have an RCT board?

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