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This has definitely been my most anticipated haunt for this year next to the Harvest Fear area. On the cedar point snapchat they did a sneak peek walkthrough and damn, this looks like it could be something Happy Jack's and Eerie Estate worthy theming wise. Ever since last year's blunder of Feary Tales, I'm so happy that the clown/carnival theme is back and that they're incorporating props from both Carnevil and Happy Jack's into this new haunt. Hoping they find a good use for the Kiddy Kingdom giraffe! If anyone walks through it tomorrow, let me know how it is!

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Just watched the snapchat video. Gosh this thing looks next level.

I noticed a lot of props from carnevil, happy jacks clown is back in a big way.

There are a lot of wax figures throughout. Geez I'm excited for this thing. I think its going to be a huge hit.

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Walked through it lights on last weekend. They did a nice job, but I'm going to miss that foggy animatronic skeleton corridor of Eternity Infirmary.

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haha the bridge thing in the middle of the house. That thing was weird!

what a classic. I remember when it was a spinning tunnel a long time ago.

cedar point seems to not lean on those weird gimmick experiences (the skelton hallway, the peeing babies from happy jacks)

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Yeah, if anyone goes through it tonight, be sure to post your thoughts.

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I wanted to go through it today but the line looked like it was at least an hour or more. I'll try again on a Sunday visit. But I liked Harvest Fear.

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I wasn't impressed with it. I miss eternity infirmary.

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I wasn't impressed really but it is opening weekend so maybe it will pick up steam. I thought the haunt itself started off slow and then improved partway through. It has potential for sure.

Yesterday was a great day to be at Cedar Point. It was an unexpected light crowd and we got to ride everything without having to cash in our renewal Fast Pass. We were even able to do all of the haunted houses with little wait. I still think Slaughterhouse is a little disturbing and wouldn't be missed. Plus, I ended up with fake blood all over my arm and shirt and still don't know how. Of the new houses, Freak Show was mediocre. First off, it's too bright. They have a lot of little lights hanging from the ceiling throughout most of the house and that definitely detracts from the intimidation. The decor wasn't bad and I do like the recycled props from previous haunts. I really enjoyed Deprivation, which most people weren't aware of because it's hidden back in the construction zone of old Mean Streak. It's essentially pure darkness with a few props you run into, such as foam beams hanging down, nets (which did snag my glasses a couple of times), and a couple of those inflatable things to walk through similar to the one in Slaughterhouse. There's 3 different walkthroughs and it's random which one they will direct you to. We did it twice and got a different walkthrough, though it was very similar to the first. But after doing all of the houses we agreed that Eerie Estates is definitely the best. And with the Halloweekends music playlist back in rotation, it's great to hear old school Alternative rock getting an airing. Nothing like hearing classic Siouxsie, The Cure, B-52's, Shriekback, etc, blasting through the park. Of course, the drawback is Ghostbusters, but what are ya gonna do...

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Nothing like hearing classic Siouxsie, The Cure, B-52's, Shriekback, etc, blasting through the park. Of course, the drawback is Ghostbusters, but who ya gonna call...

Fixed that for you:)

Deprivation was outstanding. It's one of my all time favorites, if only because it's just different than the standard fare of actors smacking the walls or jingling metal cans full of nickles.

We went through it three times and it's actually pretty intense. On one pass through I was bringing up the rear of group and an actor was following me through the maze making creepy cat noises and tickling the back of my neck with a feather duster the whole way. I hate cats and have been bitten by them before, and if you've ever been sitting on a couch and had one crawl up behind you and rub their fur on your neck, you'd know how I felt with that feather duster... terrifying!

I found Deprivation to be more annoying than anything. It would probably be better if we knew our entire group, but since it was just two of us, we got paired with another couple. That meant the whole time I was bumping into a total stranger as I tried to find the way forward with my hands. I waited to let them get ahead of us for a bit, but eventually we caught up again. At least the employees are easy to spot with the red light of their night vision goggles, but I did step on someone's foot once. Honestly, I would've liked it way better if we each went individually. It would be more creepy and less accidental-groping-y.

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