Fastlane plus tomorrow

Headed to the park tomorrow. I planned on getting fastlane plus which was $155 and of course I procrastinated and it’s now $169 which is the most I’ve ever seen it. Is there any chance of the price going back down or should I just get it now? What’s the most expensive it’s ever been?

Saturday is busy and dynamic pricing works every time.
Maybe someone can help me here, but do I recall hearing that certain Halloweekends Saturdays can sometimes fetch 225? Can that be right?
Anyway, it’s supposed to be a gorgeous day tomorrow and you won’t be sorry you have it. Let us know, if course.

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$225 sheesh well I’ll go ahead and just suck it up for the $169 to be safe. Thanks for your reply! Any idea how long the wait typically is for Steel Vengeance with fast lane? Just curious

I’m going to ballpark SV wait time with Fastlane to be between 30 minutes and an hour. That was my experience when I went in June.

Now, now... I attempted to preface that number with tentativeness. My memory isn’t something anyone should absolutely rely on, but in my head I remember being shocked at how high it was for at least a day. 225 sticks in my head. Someone here will know.
And as for FL+ wait times it can go from 0 minute waits all day long to much longer on busy days. Regardless, the wait time will be shorter than standby. The random Tuesday in June when I passed on FL+ at $125 saw a huge line of users queued up at Steel Vengeance well before the FL line opened at 10a. And the standby was posted at an hour. I have a feeling that the FL wait time decreased as the morning went, but I didn’t bother with either line.

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