Fastlane in early entry?

Is the FastLane pass valid during early entry if I'm staying at Hotel Breakers?

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No, Fastlane does not apply during the early entry hours. But the good news is generally you won't need it, as early entry normally has a light crowd. You can find walk-ons on Maverick, and usually a mid-ramp wait for Millennium in the early half of the hour.

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Don't get your hopes up for a walk on to Maverick, MF or Valravyn at early entry in July/August when the resorts are pretty much at capacity, It will quickly turn into 1/2-3/4 hour waits.

Also, the last couple of years the park has not been enforcing the early entry to Platinum holders or Hotel guests at all, anyone can get in.

Zipher -

Okay. I'm going at the start of June, so I don't think it'll be too crowded.

Go Intamin -

I've seen the park enforce it to passholders (and people with them) and resort guests rather strictly the past few years...

XS NightClub -

It's nice that they seem to be enforcing it when you're there, but a simple search on this site shows there has been ongoing issues experienced by people on this site going back 4 years. Last July, when we stayed at the park for a week there was no checking of resort early entry passes by anyone any day. On my other visits last year I had not used early entry at all.

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