FastLane Plus Price for October 1st daughter will be coming to CP this weekend with friends. She has visited this weekend every year for a while now. We noticed online that the FastLane Plus tickets are $149 per person that day! We have never paid more than $90 for a FastLane plus ticket, even during Halloweekends, a Saturday in the summer, or a holiday. My question is, has anyone ever seen them that expensive? I'm hoping it's a mistake on their website. I'm also wondering if there are any coupons around for the FastLane plus tickets. I doubt there are coupons floating around, but it's worth a shot!

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That's the price it was on Saturday 2 weeks ago. That's the correct price.

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Gotta pay RMC somehow.

Saturdays during Halloweekends are significantly busier than the rest of the year. Higher prices on things like Fast Lane is a reflection of that increased business.

Teresa Taylor -

I understand that...she went the same time last year, and the FastLane plus was $90...that is just a huge increase

JW Addington -

Platinum pass holders can get Fast Lane Plus for the price of regular Fast Lane which would be $99 on Saturday if any of you have that pass

LunaD858 -

From being in the park the passed Saturday, Fast Lane Plus was indeed $149. It was busy as hell too, so we didn't ride much. That $149 would have been well worth it for those who did pay it.

mmjfan -

How does rain usually affect the crowds? Looks like this weekend is going to have some off and on again rain.

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