Fast Pass when not super crowded


I am going to CP August 30th and 31st. I have not been in 6 years. I love Cedar Point, grew up in the area and moved away to Texas. I primarily ride the coasters. I see that there is now a fast pass system, in the past when I visited in late August there was not much of a crowd. I am really unsure how much a fast pass will cut the wait. Unfortunately due to cancer this might be my last CP trip, so I'd like to make the most of it. Are that fast passes worth it, when the park is not heavily crowded?

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If it may be your last trip, go and splurge on it for yourself. Make sure you make it a great one. And yes, even on uncrowded days, you can get some rides on Valravn and Maverick with fastlane, when in standby, it's quite a wait.

DopeyDog -

Thank you both, I'll go with the fast pass.

I'm so sorry that you're facing challenges. Take care of yourself. And I wish a most awesome Cedar Point day for you.

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