Fast lane purchasing

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Does anyone have experience buying FL in the park as opposed to online? Is it generally the same price? Thank in advance!

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djDaemon -

If for some reason the online price is lower than the IRL price (doubtful due to the service fee DRE mentions), you can always purchase online via phone when you get there.

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While idk if the pricing is different between buying online or at the park, I do know online charges you a processing fee of 3.99

I think the dynamically-priced FL/FL+ prices are determined by the calendar and in-park is the same as on line. Many times when you order on line they send a subtle message that the item can sell out, which encourages people to buy it even when it maybe won’t be helpful. So I always wait and see how crowded the park is on the day I go. And that’s a good point about the service charge.

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