Fast Lane (Plus) Changes

The Fast Lane page on the park website has been updated for the 2020 season. Valravn and Gatekeeper have been dropped from Fast Lane Plus while Millennium Force has been added. Furthermore, Cadillac Cars, Lake Erie Eagles, Monster, and Troika are no longer on the Fast Lane list at all. I wonder why those changes were made?

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They used the data they have from Fast Lane/Plus usage to improve the system. They are not the only park in the chain to make minor changes.

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Maybe it’s because those moms and kids beat me up after I pushed them out of the way at the Cadillacs.
I dunno.

I wonder with Millennium Force getting moved to Fast Lane plus, will they go back to the original way they started with Fast Lane and have the merge point right into the station. That would make all four rides with Fast Lane Plus going straight into the station. Little surprised Valravn is no longer on Fast Lane Plus, but as Kevin pointed out they have the data to backup which rides need it more than others.

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Clearly this is a result of the Gold Pass. Not sure exactly how but I am sure someone will be along shortly to with an explanation.

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Swapping GateKeeper for Millennium Force totally makes sense to me, but the Valravn change is one I don't understand as well. I suppose this is year 5 for Valravn, so the newness is not quite there anymore.

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That was my thought as well. Still seems like Valravn pulls a pretty good line. I did find it interesting that Carowinds eliminated the Plus and just put everything on the single Fast Lane.

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I like the idea of having just one consolidated fastlane. Probably would be better for cedar point to have the cheaper option for families who won’t be riding SV or MF so I see why they didn’t go with the one fastlane option like carowinds did. On the other hand having worked with the public for well over a decade now I’m sure carowinds got sick of the confusion and im sure there are many angry people at CP who feel they paid for it and should get fast lane plus when they really only have the regular. People don’t read. Rule number one.

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And if people don't read, how is that the parks problem? If I'm dropping alot of money, I make sure I read the fine print and get exactly what I'm paying for. I know people will just go and buy something without doing any research, but that's their problem.

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The parks fault or not, having guests confused or angry for any reason is the parks problem and one they want to minimize when feasible. A proper sales spell should prevent most issues at the park but a down side of online is people just want to click fast.

Cedar Point confuses the hell out of everyone because at the entrance of Steel Vengeance the sign reads Fast Lane and not Fast Lane Plus, this is directly above the queue entrance to the ride.

So it can be confusing to people.

Can someone in the know tell me a range of what Fastlane Plus costs? I know it changes by the day based on crown level but I just wanted to know if their Presidents Day sale of $75 is really that good of a special. We are going June 9th BTW and we are not sure if we would even need it.

Fast Lane Plus ranges from $85 to $169, in early June it will likely be in the lower end of that range.

IMO the best value for them is a summer friday midnight close, we've done that once each of the last 3 years for our July trip, with the in park only platinum discount.

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