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Probably a dumb question, sorry in advance, but as I price out my Halloweekends trip, just wanted to confirm: Fast Lane and Fright Lane are two separate things, yes?

I'm only a bit confused because if you go to book a Halloweekends package at a resort, it lumps them together. However, individually, it shows the option to purchase both in the Tickets menu.

Would hate to buy both if only Fast Lane Plus was needed or something, so figured I would double check!

Yes - there are actually three different passes you can buy to get fast pass access:

Fast Lane - gives you fast pass access to all rides except Steel Vengeance, Valravn, Maverick, Dragster and Gatekeeper.

Fast Lane Plus - Give fast pass access to all rides, including the 5 excluded from regular Fast Lane. If you buy this, you don't need to buy the regular Fast Lane.

Fright Lane - Completely different than the two above, this one allows you to skip the lines on the haunted houses/mazes.

Thanks! I thought so but just wanted to make sure. A bit surprised by how expense Fright Lane is to be honest. I get it for Fast Lane.

Plan is to get Fast Lane Plus for a Friday night in October, and Fast Lane Plus/Fright Lane for a Saturday.

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Friday night there’s a good chance you won’t need a FL, Depending on what your ride goals are. Friday’s can be very slow with high school football games and of course weather.

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Agreed - I wouldn't spend the money on a Fast Lane Plus for Friday night (at least in advance before seeing what the crowd looked like), but wouldn't want to go near the park on a Halloweekends Saturday without one if I planned on doing much riding at all. If you get there and it is a super busy Friday night, there are many locations inside the park where you can purchase Fast Lane.

Huge thanks again! This forum rocks.

One more quick question: actually decided with my friend that we'll come in on a Friday, do Friday PM, stay Friday night, do all day Saturday until 8pm and just head back Saturday night even though we won't get home until 1am-ish.

Trying to book at Breakers and it says "property restricted". I'll call the hotel tomorrow to see what's up, but do they have a min. night stay requirement this time of year? Kinda sucks if so. Every other time I've gone, I've booked a single night at Breakers and things have worked perfectly.

Like I said, I'll call the hotel tomorrow to figure it out. But curious if anyone has run into any stay restrictions?

I get that message if I enter a date they aren’t open. For example we want to camp at Lighthouse Point, arrive Friday and leave Monday. But they aren’t open Sunday night so I get that restricted message.


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It depends on when you're planning on going. If you are going in, say, mid-September, you can stay for only one night. If you're going in mid-October, you can only book for both nights.


Yeah looks like October stays require two-night minimum? Oh well. Was planning on first weekend in October, now I guess I'll do last weekend in September. Feels slightly less Halloween-y, but maybe better weather (not that a week makes a huge difference)

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