Fangtastics show 10/27/21

My wife and I had our annual last weekend trip to CP and we love the Red Garter show during Halloweekends. During the first show Saturday the band stopped just before the 3rd song and everyone except the drummer and keyboard player went off stage. The keyboard player coaxed the drummer off the stage and that was that. The show didn't continue.

We later noticed CP police and EMS go to the backstage area and also noted there was no show the rest of the night.

I did find it odd that there was no announcement that the show wouldn't continue as it just lead to most of the crowd sitting around waiting and noticing the activity of the CPPD and EMS.

I had already seen the show Thursday and everything went fine. My wife and I returned to the 2nd to last show Sunday which went off without a hitch but the drummer was replaced by the rhythm guitarist.

I hope the young man is ok and was wondering if that had ever happened before. In my 40 + years of park going I had never seen it happen. Kudos to the band for being able to re-arrange and play the final day.

Other than that, the show was great as always!

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We've had a couple performances cancelled or postponed through the years but that has been extremely rare.

Hopefully everyone involved is doing well. Major props to the cast, crew and Live E for working out a way for the show to go on Sunday.

"Thank the Phoenicians!"

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