Erie Manor

Does anyone remember Erie Manor?
CP History states it was open 1997-2000 and it sounds like it utilized at least parts of the old funhouse (slanted floor for cue line, slides to exit).


No. Where are you seeing that?

My apologies. I spent a few hours this morning trying to find info on the attraction. I remember that it included the word “Erie” in the name, had glow-in-the-dark eyes, and it had a room that appeared to move while we were seated. I’m pretty sure we had the option to either go down a slide or to exit through a door at the end. (All 3 of us chose the door.)
I came across a site or 2 this morning that listed Erie Manor as a CP attraction from 1997 to 2000 but cannot find it now. The descriptions of the funhouse that I have come across sounds a lot like the attraction I remember from ~ 2000.

Sure, trying to help you out here. I’m still curious to know what you mean when you reference “CP History.”
The Upside Down Fun House is what you seem to be describing but it was removed from the park at the end of the 1981 season. It was never used as or converted to a haunted attraction, and it was strictly a walk-through attraction- guests were never seated. Oh, except for the trip down one of the spiral slides that led to the exit.
Eerie Estate was a walk through haunted house that used the old administration building, one of the oldest structures in the park. There was a period where the park also hosted haunted dining experiences in the same building. The attraction, open during Halloweekends only, has been refreshed for this season but I haven’t tried it.
Ghostly Manor is an attraction in Sandusky on Milan Rd. It operates year round and bills itself as a “Thrill Center” and it includes a haunted attraction. During the fall haunt season the haunts are expanded and it’s a popular destination. It’s a common side-trip for those that visit CP for the haunts.
So it seems to me like your memory may be crossing up or combining the names and experiences of several attractions. As it sometimes does for us all.

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Thank you!

And I’m sorry for the confusion. I would have sworn it was when we took our niece to CP back around 1999 or 2000.

Thank you again.


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