"Edge of Madness" live show replaced

Hello everyone. I just got back from a Friday night visit, and I noticed that the "Edge of Madness: Total Commitment" show in the Red Garter Saloon has been replaced by a show called "Shock and Rock," which (based on a cursory glance) appears to totally remove the previous show's mental institution theme. I can't help but wonder if this is protective fallout resulting from Knott's Berry Farm's FearVR attraction, which also shared a similar theme and was shut down after there was outcry from mental health advocates that it stigmatized mental health. (Here's the link to the article: FearVR) I'm not really sure if this new show is a carbon copy of the previous one (apart from the theme removal), but I thought I'd share this little bit of observation. Any other ideas as to why a show would be replaced in the middle of this season like this?

As far as I could tell, the show itself (i.e. vocals, choreography) was the same, perhaps with a few minor movement tweaks. The costumes have changed and the cast are now themed as vampires--no references to an institution.

(Excellent show, BTW.)

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