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Just wondering if the "must pay in full before check-in" is absolutely set in stone. Wanted to go for a trip tomorrow-Monday, and was planning on using Easy Pay because I'm using a third income source that won't pay out until Monday, thus after when I would have to pay in full, however would have had enough for the first "down payment" via the Easy Pay method. However, at final booking I noticed they said something amount must be paid in full by time of booking. Is this absolutely set in stone? There isn't any way I can continue making payments or fulfill the obligation of paying the final balance after my trip? Has anyone had experience with this?

Sorry if this comes across as self-indulgent. Thanks!

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Yes, it is, unfortunately, easy pay and not easy financing.

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If they allowed you to do make payments after, they would be getting people who just make only the first payment then stop paying after that and they already had their stay and there's nothing they can take from them. That could cost them alot of money. They could send offenders to collections, but that's probably not worth the parks time and money.

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Set. In. Stone.

They also no longer take checks as payments.

You can however cash a personal check at park office under the ballroom for up to $200.

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It is amazng how many people don’t understand that the balance is due at check in (even for folks not on the payment plan). Then they get all loud with us as if the hotel is trying to rip them off.

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