Early Entry Strategy

Just wondering what the best strategy would be for early entry now that Steel Vengeance and Maverick will not be open for it this year. We have 2 days (Sat/Sun in mid-May).

I was thinking the first day of going in the waterpark entrance (staying at Lighthouse Point) doing Magnum, Millennium Force and then heading over to SV for when it opens at 10. Second day get shuttle to main entrance and do Gatekeeper, Valravn and head over to SV.

Is that a decent plan? Is it worth going Magnum on early entry or just skip it?

MDOmnis -

I love Magnum and ride it more than any other ride at the park, but I'm not sure it's worth dedicating early entry time to it since it normally has a short line. Since you're planning to hit GK and Valravn on the second day though, I'd say your plan is sound.

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