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So, typically my wife and I use our platinum passes for early entry at the front gate.
But, we are planning on going to the park on Sept 16th for Mean Streaks last day and wanted to enter thru the resort gate so we could get to Mean Streak quickly, and get our last ride(s) in easily.

Now this in and of itself is no issue...we obviously know we can do early there,. but we will be coming with others who are standard season pass holders who (accordingly) can't do early entry.
We've made trips with them before, and they usually grab a coffee at Starbucks and hang around for an hour while we run ahead and get a few rides in, then we meet back up with them. Works out just fine.

But, via the resort gate, how "far in" are non-early entry folks allowed into the park?
Is there another 'cow-catcher' purple gate at Magnum or something?
Just wondering where the actual cutoff for them would be, so we can plan best...


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No cow Catchers. They hold you outside of the turnstiles until entry. If security is there, you will
Also have to process through that.

The marina gate may be a better bet for you.

They have at times in the past used the cow catcher at magnum overpass, but generally not.

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myxmastrmike -

Ah right on.
If we end up driving separate it won't be an issue...we'll see how things go...
We could always let them out up front and then drive around still.

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