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Staying onsite for first time (one night Sunday June 12th) so never did early entry before. Have one day in park Monday. Trying to avoid the 2-4 hour wait for Valravn. If we run from Breakers to Valravn at 9 am how long of a wait should we expect? Are we at a disadvantage coming from Breakers entrance? After Ravn should we then hit Gatekeeper, MF, Maverick or get in line for Dragster? Thanks for the help. I've been to Disney a few times and know the importance of early morning strategy just dont know it for CP.

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If you want to ride Valravn first, take a shuttle to the Marina entrance at 8am and wait for the park to open. Its the shortest distance to the ride entrance.

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The shortest waits for Valravn are at night, around 2 hours before closing. Early entry lines for it are close to an hour, vs the 15-30 minute waits at night. In early entry, I recommend doing Maverick once or twice, then Millennium and work from the back to the front, finishing with Valravn/Raptor/Gatekeeper. You should be able to get everything done, maybe more than once.

Depends how fast you can run...

I'd use early entry for Valravn & Maverick then head to TTD when the park opens to the general public.

We were in a similar scenario this morning. First time onsite. Stayed at Breakers for early entry. We were in line at the beach/Windseeker entrance around 8:40 and went straight to Valravn. The posted wait was 45 min but it was more like 30. Getting in line earlier would have been much better. After that we did Millennium (15 min wait) and by 10:10 we were at Maverick (15-20 min wait). Then did Dragster with 20 min wait- and Gatekeeper around 11 with 15 min wait. At that time Raptor was 30-45 minutes. We didn't ride Raptor because we had done it last night.

Last night upon arrival, we purchased the after 4 ticket which was $27 each. We went to the park to ride during the last 2-3 hours before closing and it worked great. We never saw Valravn with less than 75 minute wait last night, but did not check past 9:30. We did, however, enjoy splitting our visit into two smaller chunks instead of killing it all in one day.

As a side note, I did notice that the posted wait times were almost always shorter than the ones on the Cedar Point app. And, the actual waits were usually less than the posted wait times.

We would go straight to Valravn again, but would try to be at the beach entrance closer to 8. That strategy, combined with your Monday visit, should make it easy for you to do even more than we did today!

Have fun!


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The typical strategy is to do the park back to front, seeing as the majority of the crowd will do the opposite- coming in from the front gate and hitting rides as they come in. BUT. If you want to hit Valravn first, I'd suggest getting up a little early and hoofing it down to the beach gate rather than the resort gate. That'll spit you out beside Windseeker and give you a bit less distance to run to Valravn.

diggerg56 -

I did the shuttle from Breakers to the Marina gate one morning on my last trip (Day after Coasdtermania) and that worked great! If you're quick and at the front of the line the beach gate is an OK option but for those staying on property that really want to get an early ride, the shuttle to the marina gate is the best bet.

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