Does SV open for early entry?

Hi all,

Going to be staying at Breakers next Sunday - Wednesday (May 20 - 23) and hitting the park on that Monday and Tuesday. I'm super excited to ride Steel Vengeance and understand they are running it with only one train/really long waits. A few questions around that:

1) Is SV open for the 8am early entry? I'm thinking if so, I might just get up at 6:30 one day to do that. If it is, would re-rides be possible before the lines get too long (I don't know how many people will be at the ride during the 8-9am window).

2) Now that they are running one train and handing out "tickets" to get in line, how long does a full queue & one train take? I'm thinking it must be over 4 hours. How far off am I?

3) I understand the park probably won't be very busy these days (It's after science days, but before the holiday, and a weekday). Is that a safe assumption? If so, do you think the lines will still get super long for SV? My buddy I'm going with simply refuses to get up for early entrance and also refuses to wait more than a couple hours and I'd hate for him to miss it, but he's non-negotiable on those two. LOL Dork.

4) And I know nobody knows, but I have to ask: What are the chances they fix this single train stuff in the next 10 days?

Any other tips? Last time I went to Cedar Point was about 10 or 11 years ago (I live in Orlando).

Many thanks!

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Steel Vengeance both yesterday and Sunday had 45 minute wait times towards the end of the day even with one train. They only do boarding passes on crowded days, so there’s a good chance you won’t need one. Since you’re staying at breakers I recommend trying to get at least 2 rides per day. Once in early entry with the running of the bulls (you’ll have to run if you want to get on within an hour) and once towards the night at around 9:30 for a night ride.

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Sunday, it was scheduled to be open for early entry, but we were stopped at the railroad tracks until about 10AM. I think once all those people got in line, they must've started with the boarding passes because I didn't know anything about them until after we got off the ride (about 1PM). We were near the front though so maybe the passed them out at the back of the line.

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Early entry is 9am, not 8am.

This last Sunday they were handing out the ride time vouchers during early entry. Don't know if anybody got rides at that time. Once I saw that line, I went and rode MF.

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corpkid -

Ah thank you. That *might* help him. If I want to get a ride time voucher for him, does he have to be present or can I get one for him?

darkrider68 -

I ASSUME it will be one voucher per person. People would be taking handfulls if that was allowed. If he wants to ride, he needs to get up and do the footwork.

corpkid -

That would make sense. I'll have to find an older lady who doesn't want to ride and buy her a coffee or something. LOL (I'm kidding).

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