Does Fast Lane Ever Sell Out?

We have friends visiting who want to go to CP Sunday, 6/26, and they want to purchase FL. It's been a while since I've been to CP, but I never remember them selling out of FL except for maybe opening day and July 4. I'd prefer to wait until I'm in the park to purchase so I can make sure they would be a wise purchase. Has anyone seen them sell out this season, or is it just like in years past where they had plenty to go around?

They do sell out, but at around 1 pm if at all. As long as you get in at opening and buy then, you're fine.

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I highly doubt they would sell out on June 26th. And it's a Sunday, and crowds are generally on the lower side for a weekend crowd.

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Thabto said:

I highly doubt they would sell out on June 26th. And it's a Sunday, and crowds are generally on the lower side for a weekend crowd.

Agree with you on this. I would definitely wait and see if the you need them when you get in the park. I cant see the park being overrun on that day.

I also agree to wait until you're at the park to purchase. BUT, if you are absolutely dead set on purchasing regardless of crowd size, buy online. You save yourself the hassle and chance of it being sold out. I also believe that purchasing online guarantees the lowest offered price.

I worked with fast lane from 2012 - 2014. Cedar Point does sell out occasionally (but it happens more on busy days such as July 4th, Saturdays in July / early August and Columbus Day Saturday).

I would also recommend waiting to buy them at the park. One big factor is the weather, as it is so unpredictable in north central Ohio. As many people know, rain and wind does has an effect on various Cedar Point rides.

Hey guys,

I'm knew to the forum and a first time platinum pass holder. I was considering buying a fast lane plus this Friday after work since the park is open till midnight. I really would like to do as much riding as possible when it's dark. I realize I should buy the fastlane online after checking the weather Thursday night as its a holiday weekend.

My question is do ALL the fastlane plus lines stay open until park close? I realize rides might break down, but if a ride is running I want to be sure I can use the fastlane for the full 7-8 hours when I'm at the park. Also, what are the best rides to ride at night? I'm guessing maverick and millennium?


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Fast Lane queues stay open until the park closes. The one time they're not valid is during Early Entry.

Night is my absolute favorite time to ride; my favorites then are Maverick and Magnum. Millennium and Gemini shouldn't be missed, either.

A word of advice: keep your mouth closed on night rides, especially if you select a front seat. Insects are part of being on the late.

In addition to malem's list of night rides for coasters, I'll add that Skyhawk on a clear night when you are looking straight up at the stars is pretty cool. And Windseeker too...try to see how far down the coast you can see city lights.

There are some who would suggest that Fast Lane is, intrinsically, a sellout.

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Looking forward to all the midnight closes starting Friday night.

I may be in the minority here, but I love night time CP&LE Railroad rides.

Maverick is my favorite night time coaster...any time really 😉 Just feels that much more out of control!

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I think my favorite part of night rides on maverick is the camera. The flash temporary blinds you, then when you get your vision back, you see yourself flying at the first drop & support, only to dive out of the way at the last second.

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