Does Cedar Point still sell souvenir snow globes?

Hello everybody, I'm going to Cedar Point this summer with my family. I like to collect snow globes of different places I've vacationed. If Cedar Point sells snow globes, what gift shop would I find them in? Thank you.

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I believe they still do. Try Pagoda or Park Place.

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They most certainly do. Pagoda is the destination for you.

Depending on what you're looking for, Snoopy's Boutique also has a nice collection; obviously with a Peanuts twist, but there is a good range of selection in both locations.

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Thank you everybody. I am looking for a snow globe that has multiple roller coasters. Something kind of like this:

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Wish they would bring the online store back.

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That is the snow globe I have along with a Soak City version of it as well.

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^^^ I think I still saw some of those in the park last year they were running about $25 or so last time I looked. I've got one but I got it during one of the special dollar days and only paid $5 for it.

I just repaired my old one with all the coasters. Were you able to find one?
I don't recall seeing any this year.

It would be great to get one every year to see the evolution of the park. I think mine is from ten years ago or so and the park looks different now.

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Semi related I guess, but has annyone ever play cedar point-opoli? How is it? Worth it or just a novality?

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We have an early edition (2nd i think) and we play it once or twice every winter. Fun to play for those of us who love Cedar Point.

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If you like monopoly it's fun to have. We have Star Wars Monopoly and a Cedar Point I guess it certainly falls into the category of a "novelty", but that's kinda the point. I suppose I see it more as a collectors item, but one we use with the kids, because they love playing board games with us.

There is nothing really different about the game itself, except you get to buy Millennium Force instead of Park Place. Still just as fun. :)

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Are they ever going to update that to include Steel Vengeance? That would be awesome.

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There have been a few versions. I would guess when enough has changed to make a revamp worthwhile, they do it. Maybe that will be the big ticket item for 2020?


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And maybe they'll open an online store again. Baffles the mind that the most popular amusement park in the world doesn't have an online store.

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I hope so. I remember browsing it and being wowed by all the unique stuff, like the coaster train models and the park-used banners.

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Holiday World just closed their online store, too. Seems to be a dying breed.


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