Dodgem been down all day

Kids were disappointed that dodgem has been down all day on Sunday.

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I think today was the first time I ever remember Dodgems being down.

Dodgem can actually break down?

The Dodgems will periodically shut down for high winds.

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Funny thing. We never saw it run all day today or at all on Opening Day this year. We're 0 for 2 in Dodgem rides so far at the park this year. Can anyone confirm that it has actually run this year?

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It was running on Sunday of opening weekend. I went on it that day.

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Yes, Dodgem has run this year. I snagged a couple of rides on it on the Saturday night of opening weekend.


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Our friends rode it sometime this weekend. Her son slammed her a good one and left a huge bruise. I'm not sure if it was Saturday or very early Sunday. We rode it on Mothers' Day.

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WolfBobs said:

The Dodgems will periodically shut down for high winds.

Yet for some reason Windseeker was able to remain open.

Windseeker was closed today due to high winds. Dodgem was also closed. Maybe it closes due to low winds? After all it was windy on the midway.

Both Dodgem and Windseeker were open earlier in the day, but not so much later.

we where on dodgem on Monday evening, it took three tries to get one ride cycle done. the ceiling pick ups kept falling of, luckily I didn't get hit in the head when the one fell off of my car. I was surprised they didn't rehab the cars over the winter when they redid everything else.

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Is this the first thread ever on the status of Dodgem? And what would wind have to do with bumper cars? I'm intrigued; I'm assuming the boost in interest has to do with the ride's new address.

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^^Pieces of the ride were falling off?!! How did that happen?

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Yes indeed Thabto, I have witnessed the curved hook that contacts the chicken wire ceiling (notice my technical expertise) fall off 4 or 5 times so far this year. When waiting in line you can see gaps between the sections of aforementioned chicken wire where they are tied together. One time the ride host stopped the ride and re-inserted the piece. Other times they pushed the offending car into the holding area. I am now prepared for criticism for "chicken wire" and "curved hook". By the way, yellow cars and dark blue cars are faster!

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The only thing I can think of wind messing up is possibly blowing sand on the floor. Otherwise, wind shouldn't be an issue.

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^^ Funny, I know exactly the chicken wire and hook parts you're talking about, so no bashing here.

Anyhow, I'm wondering if in fact the new location by the Erie beach has something to do with all of the down time. (the high winds?) On two different visits this year we went over to the WT midway between 9:30 am - 10pm about 4 different times including this past Sunday and on both occasions Dodgem was down what seemed like the entire day. I've yet to see it run this year....oh well maybe we'll get a June ride in.

If the down time is because of the new location, I don't think that makes sense to me. Krazy Kars (Joe Cool's Driving School) used to be in that location before it moved to its new spot.

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Dodgem isn't listed under rides affected by winds.

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I mentioned wind as a reason for closing Dodgem as a joke. Everything else was closed due to high winds. I know, I should have used a smiley. If the electric contacts keep falling off, I can see why they are closing the ride. Maybe they need more superglue. :-)

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