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Watch, CP will probably update it as I am writing this. Their last update was Nov. 12. There's at least a little they can say. How high is it now?... instead of us guessing. What's going on by the lagoons. What's new with the Giant Wheel refurbishing? When will the lift hill be completed? I know what was going on a month ago, but so what. I think they could refresh it every two weeks at least. Get on the ball CP.
I imagine that they are really busy, because they want to take advantage of the mild winter so far, and get as much completed.

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I was kind of expecting that. The diary is probably of really low priority to the people writing the articles, and with a million and one things to do, the diary probably just gets overlooked.
But it should only take the guy a couple of seconds to write it down on his laptop computer. I don't think a couple of seconds is going to hurt.
I agree I am disapointed with CP on this, and by the look of things on the web cam, it looks like they are almost to the top!!!
If they don't update the diary thing than they should jsut take it off. It was a great idea but if you have somehting that people are expecting to be updated regularly than it usually helps to do so!
The last update was 11-12-99. The next probaly will be around 12-12-99. Just think if they keep updating it on the 12th of every month until May. If it's Friday May 12, 2000 it might be logical for that to be the last diary update because. On May 13, 2000 the park opens. So you can go and ride Millennium Force. I tend to think of it as suspense because. It keeps you wondering what they are doing, and what they have accomplished.

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Sorry but this a little trivial for me. I rather wait and see the finished project.
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MF is trivial? Don't you really want to know what's going on with it? The guy doesn't have to write a bible...just six or seven lines. It should take five minutes. Hey, we are all busy, but come on. Petree is right...it's supposed to be an update. I say update it or dump it already.
I was just about ready to bring this up. But I'm guessing that they will update it when they get finished with the lift hill.
They finally updated it! Man, that must of taken a whole three minutes. I thought they were just about there (maximum height), but a little bit more to go. *** This post was edit by net on 12/8/99. ***
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They proabably saw our whinning on here..LOL
Hey- remember that the Sales people update the page. They are working on a marketing campaign for next year, and I know that it takes time to update a page like that.
how much time do you think that it would take for someone to update a page like that? I certainly think that they just call up an old page and change the words and the picture if they need to and then upload it to their server with a new name... Not that hard. 10 minutes maybe

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Or if you have a really cool Web site, you just enter the text on an admin page and it is automatically rotated into the page (that's how the news section of this site works). The news entry I did today took five minutes, tops. It probably took longer to send the e-mail to the member list.

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Exactly Cheese and Jeff...People, stop acting like it takes a day to write and upload that update. It's a piece of cake. No doubt that their sales/marketing department is busy, but come one, are you telling me they don't have lives...literally.
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You know what, the truth of the matter is, you have no idea what they have to deal with. By my reply I wasn't suggesting that they're a bunch of lazy whatevers, just that it should be easy to facilitate.

However, and I grow tired of saying this, they are providing a service that they could just as well do without, with little impact on the long range goals of the park. Like I keep saying, thank them instead of slamming them.

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