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Hi all! My boyfriend and I will be going to Halloweekends in 2 weeks and I am trying to find us some good dining options. We ate at Melt last year and it was pretty friggin disappointing.

I was wondering if anyone has done Night of the Living Fed in previous years (or this upcoming weekend, lemme know!) and if it is worth the $20+ price tag. Is it immersive? Is there good food? Or should we stick to grazing on snacks and have dinner somewhere at Breakers?

All perspectives would be wonderful!

Ah, one of the more subjective questions you can ask re: amusement parks!

Totally my two cents: park food is park food. You kinda know what you're getting. I don't think Cedar Point has any Epcot-like establishments that are wholly unique or worth making sitdown plans for. I usually head out of the park to have dinner (even if just at Famous Dave's) and grab an unhealthy snack or two while in the park itself. You can't go wrong with Happy Friar, but that's also not really a meal.

Can't speak for Night of the Living Fed, but I would assume it's pretty standard buffet fare with some light theming thrown in.

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Melt has definitely improved this year.

Living Fed is a buffet with Haunt "theming" and about half a dozen Screamsters roaming around and interacting with everyone. I've only ever poked my head in for a minute or two, but it sounds like everyone generally has a good time.

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I would be very leery of the Fed buffet, CP food services can’t even properly run their full time buffet restaurant with any quality control. A setup for a few weeks will likely not have proper internal controls, food may be hot and plentiful during peak times (that’s a nightmare on its own) but you risk a bad experience with the parks unknowns of crowd sizes for event planning.

The chains in the park are what you’d expect, TGIF gets a lot of crap on these forums likely for the price more than anything, but it’s been solid compared to other Friday’s. A lot of people here will suggest Famous Dave’s, which is fine for Midwest style ‘BBQ’ if you are used to real BBQ it will be disappointing.
There are some great local options in Sandusky, but it may take an hour to get out of park and a couple of hours to get back in while the park is open, you can plan on losing 3-6 hours of a day to eat out of the park with traffic.

Tomo Hibachi in Breakers is run by a local family that also has a restaurant in Sandusky, it’s always been really good but maybe a little pricey but you get heavy portions. You can call ahead to see what pricing is, RESERVATIONS are suggested.

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Honestly, I don't think Tomo is out of line for pricing. It's about the same as you'd pay for Wasabi or some other hibachi place, and the portions are fairly large. It's easily one of the best deals on the peninsula, imo - if you're willing to devote the time to it.

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Whatever you decide I highly recommend packing some field rations. CP has been known to run out of food. 😱

IF it's open I recommend Buckaroo's Burritos on the Main Midway near Cedar Downs - the chicken burrito is big and filling. Also the Fresh Cut Fries of course. I liked Tomo as others have mentioned above for a sit down, climate controlled experience.

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+1 for Tomo. Totally missed by most.

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