I LOVED this haunt. Totally different from everything in the park. Total sensory deprivation for real and I think it was one of the best haunts at the park.

My only issue with it is that it’s way too short. If it were a bit longer, it would easily be my favorite.

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It is annoying that there are only 2 people but what I really liked about it go beyond. In the one path one person got about as close as to touching me as can get with using some object to tickle me with. The other path the person played a game of hide and seek with me and followed me til the end.

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We enjoyed it. I've seen some people complain on facebook about the lack of theming and costume characters jumping out and I don't get why. Can't they understand it's a maze? And every other haunt has the same stuff different theme so this is really the only truly different haunt. I think it was a great addition.

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plus it seems like if they only have a couple people working there, they save the resources for other haunts. A great plan if they see shortages to staffing.

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I went through Deprivation last night.

It might have been one of my favorite haunt experiences at cedar point. I would agree that i felt that the house was a little too short. I understand why it's that short, but two more minutes on the house would have been nice.

Standing in line was the first time ive ever been so unnerved before going into a house. The complete mystery of " I have no idea whats in there" really got to me.

Overall, i thought this experience was great!

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There are multiple routes through the house. Each with differing "experiences" and lengths...

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Having tried Blackout at KI this weekend and Deprivation a few weeks ago, I think Blackout is better. It was more of a challenge and longer.

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This was awesome! Not only was it really cool to get super close to SV, but I loved navigating through the maze.

Let's hear some experiences!

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Nice to know...But what's in there?

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Here's what goes on inside Deprivation, at least from my own experiences. It's also a review of the house itself, and I also compared and contrasted it with Kings Island's version (Blackout), though not really in the way of specifics since it's been a year or two since I've been to KI's Haunt, just more of a general sense. Overall, I have to say that Deprivation is the most effective haunt at CP right now, at least in terms of overall fear and dread. Slaughterhouse is a little better in the sense of traditional haunted houses (especially in the scene-setting department), but Deprivation provides such a unique scare in its own cool way. Highly recommended. It goes without saying, but SPOILER ALERT! PROCEED AT YOUR OWN RISK.


I really liked Deprivation too. How'd you get out of there? Pretty sure I took a different route through the house the second time. Seen Midnight Sindicate for the 1st time.Was a pretty cool show. Deprivation I thought though is completely different from the rest of the houses and scare zones.

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As I've went through the haunted houses several times, I appreciate Deprivation and Slaughterhouse more and more, for being truly the most unique ones.

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