crowd size 5th and 6th of june

this may sound like a stupid question but I was wondering if any of you veterans knew how big crowds usually are the 5th and 6th of june as is this is my first trip and I want to make sure the crowds aren't too bad. Much appreciated if you know
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Not too bad, especially since I see that it is a Monday and Tuesday. I remember going to the park late afternoon, early afternoon in June, and getting on Raptor, Mantis, Magnum with very minimal wait, half hour or so.. no more than 40 minutes..
hmmm i think this year crowds are gonna be big. If anyone remembers May 16 last year... youw ill know what I mean when I say that CP crowds are sometimes hard to predict. For those of you that dont know there was about 55,000 people in the park on the second operating sunday of the season.

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Well on May 29th last year the Raptor only took 30 minutes to get on up front. The Mantis was a walk on and the Magnum took about 35 to 40 to get up front. since this is a week before when you want to go, I'm sure it will be similar.
My fmaily goes Father's day weekend. There are never any lines. Especially on that Sunday and Monday. That is when I would suggest to go!!
I don't get why all of you people tell them when to go to the park that's one more person that you have ahead of you in line lol
Hey Dave the reason for the 55,000 people that Sunday was because that was the day of the National City Corp's compant picnic. Hopefully the rumors about the '00 picnic are true but I have heard no confirmation. Even my bosses at work can't confirm it either.

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Is it May yet?

We are very like the park and want to make sure people enjoy their first visit to the park. We are respected on here by many a people. Not to sound like a "I know more than you" post though. In fact I have great respect for many people on this board and I myself think of myself as a "CP Veteran". Many of you know what kind of person it takes to be a Hard core CP Fan. You don't just think of yourself at the park but you share with fellow fans and guests. You are however in a diffrent place or "class" as a normal everyday guest. We the few the proud CP fans. You must know the park like you do the back of your hand and not just love the coasters and "big" rides. CP does show their gratitude.Oh and did I mention you must also post on CP Place. :)

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I've already put in for my vacation days, including a visit to CP Tues, Wed & Thurs in mid-May. Should be relatively light crowds then...

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well obviously CP wasnt ready for it or they forgot to tell everyone because I dont know if you have heard, but i was begged by basically any employee that was higherthan me to come in andwork that day. The park definately wasnt ready for 55000 people on May 16!! Its ok. Everyone that worked got a free pizza!

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CheeseonaStick - They forgot about the pet farm girls though on that day, actually I think they didn't get any challenge park a free pizza!
i went two years ago on the 5th and 6th of June...the crowds wern't too bad, BUUUTTT if you are staying in the Breakers, please do yourself a favor and request that you not be housed by any school trips...we were awakened at 1:30 a.m. by the fire alarm in our wing of the building. apparently some little snot-nosed brat in an unchaperoned room, on a high-school trip decided to hold a lighter up to the sprinkler in his room. HA HA HA!!! NOT!!! the alarm went off, the place was evacuated, complete with children seperated from their parents screaming in the hallway, the kid who set the alarm off probably had a BALL running through the building pounding on doors and CP was less than apologetic..."Happens all the time. if there really was a fire, you would have been glad it went off." if it happens all the time, why don't you stop it? i know this is off the crowd subject, but i feel it is somewhat relevant, as the days asked about are sure to be packed with school trips.

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and after all that. i STILL go back to CP every bad experience was outweighed by all the good ones. it's funny now, sometimes. but i wish we had known then what we know now...first or second week of operation for us!!!

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