CP Place online Story Follow up.

That was fun Dan, but it got a little weird. Are we or he dead?

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Well personally I was expecting the idea to be a flop. Then the thread kept on growing to the longest thread in the history of CP Place. I wasn't expecting the story to take the direction that it took. Down the road I will start another story. I understand that we are a little bored being the offseason but for now keep the games and off the wall threads down to a minimum. Remeber on CP Place I would agree that almost all of us want to have better QUALITY threads than QUANTITY of threads. We all like to joke around and have a good time just remeber where to draw the line. Just remeber to THINK BEFORE YOU POST. Rememeber that CP (and this message board) is a family park......

We come here to talk about our experiences, thoughts, wishes, and dreams of out favorite place, so just remeber to keep this board a fun place to come to. Any thoughts?
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Dan, I hereby bestow upon you the silver chalice that accompanies the originator of the longest post :)
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i agree about keepiing it under control, but remember the longer winter lasts, the more they add track to MF and the more we start jonesin' for a coaster, it's gonna be hard....RRRGGHHHH!!! must ride...withdrawl too much...RRRGGGHHHH LOL!!!!hee hee (like my Shatner impression?) anyhoo, i missed the story thread, but it sounds like fun. we all need to work together to get through the longest winter in history...

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I say we all get together and have a party at Jeff's house!! He wont mind, there will only be about 50 or so of us!! Common' Jeff can we please?? And we'll let Dan bring the beer, I hear he gets the good stuff!!

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Count me in, I'll mix the Long Island Iced Teas!
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Umm... my appartment is big, but it ain't that big! However, if there's a mutually acceptable time I'm all for meeting at BW-3 Medina (I-71 and SR 18) any time!

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