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I have to start wearing them at school with my ID. Does anyone know if they make CP lanyards and if they do where I can find one?

They're available at most CP gift shops for under 3 bucks. They have red or blue ones available, both with a white Cedar Point logo.

Season passes also sells them.

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Thank you!

Theres also TTD ones, I have one.

Caroline said:
Season passes also sells them.

Season Passes just has stupid blank ones and they're like $5.00.

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They aren't anywhere on CP website are they? I checked but I might've missed something.

You can one of mine. I now have 3 pair, as I have continued to forget them in my bag back at the room/cabin/cottage.


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Why do people wear their passes around their necks? I have never understood that. First when you ride something you have to tuck them into your shirt, and second, maybe I am just paranoid, but it looks pretty easy for someone to grab your pass as the lanyards have a breakaway velcro strip. I guess I always thought that people who dangle the pass around their neck are just trying to show off.

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People act like it's a backstage pass. It's like Wayne's World where they run around and show it to everyone.

It's especially surprising with the number of high schools that require ID's now. Why would you even want to have that burden?

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jeff your right at my highschool we don't have to wear them around our necks but we have to have them with us because thats how we get into class we scan our barcode i think it's totally stupid but hay thats the way it is.

Jeff, my old high school just put the wearing ID's policy into effect. The reason they did this was because they had a problem with a non-student coming into the building and beating up a student. They're hoping it will allow them to identify trespassers, which is why they are willing to deal with it. However, they'll probably spend much more time dealing with students that forgot their ID's, so I don't think it will work.


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I think the ability to wear your season pass around your neck is a good option for little kids to prevent it from getting lost. It's like having to clip your mittens to your coat sleeves as a little kid.

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My school put it in for the security reason. So far about 10% of the kids in my school actually wear them. Detention rooms are filled to the point where you have to wait two weeks to serve your detention. :(

My school requires it, too. I just have a little badge clip and I wear it on my pants. I think that would be kind of a hassle to have to wear it around your neck. I like the idea of having to scan in and out of each class. Thats probably how they do attendence.

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We can wear it on our pants, but we ahve cheap clips that if you take them off too much they'll snap and you have to take it off to scan in.

I'm now admitting that I am old.


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I bought one, but to use as a keychain instead of holding my pass.

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My school is probably the world leader in ID tags, their production, and detentions if you don't have yours... We have a whole room devoted to them... If you forget it, you have to buy a new one for 5 bucks...which sucks cuz the next day when you find it...you just wasted 5 bucks. Apparently its for security reasons, and to scan at lunch (works like a credit card, basically). But yeah, it sucks...a lot.

Are you sure me and you don't go to the same school Banshee?

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