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Most likely not a new employee, but possibly new to the engineer's seat. They are not as easy to stop as one thinks and one engine is a little trickier than the others. I have seen other park trains over and under shoot as well. The weather makes a huge difference as well. Cold rails make everything tight and increase the drag on the train. Warm rails can make things roll easier. But in the same hand direct sun on one rail and shade on the opposite rail can cause the gauge to tighten up. It takes a true skill of running by the seat of your pants that some master right away and others take a little longer. Morning, afternoon, evening, and night rounds are all a little different.

CP&LE RR Supervisor/Engineer 04-18

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I came across this video which shows Jennie K in the shop at Garner Holt. Interested to see what she looks like after her restoration is complete. The YouTuber mentions that Garner Holt plans to open sometime next year some sort of museum about animatronics history and also to show off their collection of ride vehicles they’ve collected throughout the years. I might have to make another California parks trip and make that a stop on the trip. Sounds interesting!

Now I’m just yearning even more for Cedar Point to build either a flume or a dark ride in collaboration with Garner Holt. Or better yet, both!

Gemini 100 (6/11/01)

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