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My parents once told me a story about the train coming off the tracks in the late 70's dangling from the corkscrew and removing people with a cherry picker. I'm sure the story has evolved and become more grand over the years. But I'm also certain it started from a place of truth.

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Please use descriptive titles. "Corkscrew" doesn't mean anything.

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When exactly did this happen? How is another question. My best guess is a freak wind gusts or something to that effect. Didn't a similar thing happen on gatekeeper a few years ago?

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The incident that legend has spawned from happened when a car disengaged from the rest of the train midcycle.

I know there is a photo somewhere out there of a single car from the white train stalled on the course with a cherry picker removing the riders.

Much like everyone knows someone who knew someone that got "stuck in a loop" on a coaster at the local park after the Demon incident at Great America back in the 90s, lots of longtime locals "remember" this incident with their own creativity.

Not Cedar Point related, but Sandusky's been having issues with trains lately:

Edit, better link with drone video:

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Almost every coaster has valleyed at one point or another. It most likely was too cold, too windy, or both when a test run occurred in the morning.

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I was there to see the aftermath. Cedar Point police blocked off all access to the midway where Corkscrew corkscrews over, all the way to Power Tower (they actually stopped ops on PT during the train reset as well), so a buncha people probably took pics as they watched.

I hadn't seen it valleyed here. I saw later and assumed that it had snagged on something on the hill following, given they had a bucket truck working on some point of contact with the track. Either way, didn't see Corkscrew running this weekend!

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Sandusky's been having issues with trains lately:

I know this is off topic but is there any more information on that accident? That doesn't look like something minor at all. Those tracks look very distorted and damaged. I'm intrigued what could cause a train to derail like that and if it was triggered at the bridge or at another point.

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As of today it has been cleaned up.

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I heard that the ride ops forgot to fill the blue train's tank with gas. The blue train ran out of gas as it was going through the loop, but had enough momentum to coast downhill to the bottom of the cork. It didn't have enough fumes to make it through the next cork, so that's where its engine sputtered out, stranding the guests.

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