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Hi all, I'm working on a special section for my webpage. Basically I want a complete ride iventory of every ride that ever operated at Cedar Point. This is what I have come up with so far. If a ride was moved, modifed, renamed, etc. I listed all versions.

Antique Cars
Aero Joy Plane
Avalanche Run
Balloon Race
Bayern Curve
Blue Streak
Bubble Bounce
Bumper Boats
Cadillac Cars
Camp Bus
Carousel (Kiddy Kingdom)
Carousel (Midway)
Cedar Creek Mine Ride
Cedar Downs Racing Derby
Cedar Point & Lake Erie Railroad
Charley Daley's Sea Swings
Demon Drop
Dip the Dips Scenic Railway
Disaster Transport
Dodgem 1
Dodgem 2
Dune Buggies
Eden Musse, The
Ferris Wheel
Figure-Eight Toboggan
Frog Hopper
Frontier Lift
Fred Ingersoll's Circle Swing
Funhouse, The
Flying Scooters
Giant Wheel
Heine Gross' Miniature steam train
High Frolics
Hot Rods
Iron Dragon
Jr. Gemini
Jumbo Jet
Kiddeland Roller Coaster, The
Krazy Cars
Leap Frog Railway
Leap the Dips
Lolli Swing
Magnum XL-200
Mean Streak
Mill Race
Millennium Force
Motor Cycles
Moon Rocket
Noah's Ark
Ocean Motion
Old Timers
Paddlewheel Excursions
Peanuts 500
Peanuts Express
Pirate Ride, The
Police Cars
Power Tower
Racer, The
Red Baron
Rock, Spin & Turn
Rocket Ships
Roto Whip
Rotor, The
San Francisco Earthquake Ride, The
Satellite Jets
Scenic Railway
Shoot the Rapids
Sir Rub-A-Dub's Tubs
Sky Fighters
Sky Ride
Sky Slide
Snake River Falls
Space Age
Space Spirla
Super Himalya
Swan Boats
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Let's not forget the French Frolics Mystery Ride
and the self-propelled kiddie ride-em trains.

Timothy A. Bretz
"Remember to pillage before you burn"
and the carousel in Frontier Town...

Tertiary Adjunct of Unimatrix Zero-1

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or the old cable cars (sky ride) that used to go into Frontier Trail..

Jeffrey Spartan
The Frontier Lift is listed (sky ride to Frontier Trail).

But, I think Neil's right. I'm sure CP had three carousels at one point in time.

Duane Cahill
How about the Double Wheel? Or is that "Ferris Wheel" on the list?

Duane Cahill
DBCahill is almost correct. CP actually had FOUR carousels at one time (five if you want to also count Cedar Downs which is actually a carousel)
Midway Carousel, (now located at the front of the park). KiddieLand Carousel, Frontier Carousel (the one with the "Haunted Horse")and there is a small little carousel in Kiddie Land.
Like Daune, I thought of the DOuble Ferris Wheel, and the kiddie ferris wheel which was in Kiddie Land forever and a day.
There were also 2 different versions of the Eden Muesse, wasn't there?
Pittsburgh, PA

Hmmm...I think the Eden Musee changed buildings and ownership at some point, then was not sold to Cedar Point when they took over the concessionaires. At that point, the Eden Musee figures came to Columbus, and Cedar Point briefly operated the Hollywood Wax Museum. Some of those figures are now in the Town Hall Museum. The building became the Centennial Theatre in 1970.

A side note to all that...I believe that the person who didn't sell the Eden Musee is Ed Schmid, who has since operated Funni-Frite, a fun house manufacturer in Pickerington. I mention that because Funni-Frite is scheduled to be auctioned off early next month by Norton of Michigan. I do not know the details.

--Dave Althoff, Jr.
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The double Ferris wheel was called the Sky Wheel. I have a grainy picture of it at If you look behind the Sky Wheel, you will see the Rotor.

I don't know if you will count this one, but Jungle Larry's Jungle Safari is one.
Jungle Larry's AFRICAN Safari was not a ride, but an attraction. That should go to another category, along with IMAX, Lusty Lil's, etc...

Pittsburgh, PA

Now did Kid Art's Court count as a ride???

Also what I need know are the years that all of the rides operated. I will update the list and post the years of operation for the rides I know, but think about it and I will post an updated list in the next few days. Thanks
Daniel J. Haverlock
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Is it May yet?

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