Company Picnic Drinks and Food Options?

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My company will be having a picnic this July at Cedar Point! I'm excited, as there is also a free unlimited lunch with beverages at the lakeside pavilion. I have a few questions. What type of grub do they typically serve? WIll it be hamburgers/hot dogs, or something more fancy like perch?

What type of drinks (i'm interested in the alcohol ones :) can I expect? Do they have a limit, or will the bartenders pour heavy? Will they cut you off after a certain point? I'm hoping to down 11-14 drinks.

Also, how strict are they with serving strictly those over 21, and do they ID closely? My nephew, who is only 20 will be coming along with me that day. He's a big drinker, will they serve him? He has a pretty good fake, do you guys think it will work or will it get confiscated? Thanks!

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Sit tight fellas ;)

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Mr. Plague, keep us posted here on the color of the company t-shirts so we can watch for y'all and say hey. Back in the early 70's the place to obtain a fake ID was at or near the Woolworths near Public Square in Cleveland. I'll sit tight for the Trip Report, hopefully it won't include a ride to the pokey.

I think the lunch choices will depend on what your company is willing to spend, so you may want to check with them. Catering options vary. If I were you I’d sit tight waiting for something like perch, though.
And do you know for a fact that alcohol is part of the beverage deal? Maybe draught beer. And if so the participants will likely be required to ID then wear a wrist band. One thing I know for sure is it’s not CP’s first day hosting a picnic so good luck to your nephew.

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