Coming down may 18, 19-20.

Hi, Everyone. New Season and New Beginnings!! Oh Yeah. Anyhow's my freind and I come down every year now and this time I thought to look for some new people to meet up with us and spend a day or two together. Its always fun meeting new people and doing things as we all like(Roller Coasters) but this will be our 4th trip to Sandusky, ohio and it be great to have someone show us around either to fav bars, clubs, stuff like that as well. If ya wanna get together on any of these days (may 18th is possiblitly if we drive down day before) But 19th would be best!. Thank Can't wait for Maverick!!

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I will be at Cedar Point all day May 19th, we should meet up then!

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Hey, That would be great. Just a bit of know how.. We come from Kitchener, Ontario.(Canada). Each year and this will be great to finally meet some new people. More details about meeting spot can be figured out little later as day comes closer. Thanks:)

If ya wanted to chat more let me know too..can exchange e-mails.

Still looking for people to walk and ride with on the 19th, if anything Its great to meet new people and make new freindships. If anyones going to be there on the 19th message back.

I'll be there on Saturday, with my daughter. She just cleared the 46 inch mark this year, so look for us at Iron Dragon and Disaster Transport!

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I will be at the park with a group of about 8. I will probably have a brown "Cleveland Steamers" hoodie on or my red CP long sleeve shirt and maybe my button.

Ensign, hope to see you on the Iron Dragginass. ;)


After chasing my five year old around all day in Saturday crowds, I will be.

Draginass, that is. ;)

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