Cold spring weekend

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Looking at this weekend's forecast, I'm wishing I had visited last weekend. I tend to favor cool & dreary days at parks, but the wind forecast has me a bit nervous.

Who else is thinking about a visit this weekend? Any thoughts on weather & timing? Saturday is currently looking most likely for me; I do plan to stay away Friday with Grad Night and probable nice weather.

I am planning on going this Friday and Sunday. I just wonder about the Wind. How fast does the wind have to blow to close the BIG COASTERS and THRILL RIDES Down?

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The current CLE marine forecast is 15-20 knots from the northwest on Saturday and from the west on Sunday. (Direction matters as well as speed.) Wind limits vary by ride; others here would be a better source of that data than me.

If I'm there, feel free to say hi. I'll probably be that one guest stubbornly wearing shorts & a t-shirt even when it's raining and 45°.

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