Coasters 19 & 20.

So, we have #18 Valravn...
Yes it is very early to talk of # 19 & 20 but, with the 150th year coming up that means CP with be once again most likely building a new coaster . What do you think will really, I mean really, seperate them from every park ? MF has been copied, TTD has been copied, but, how about a new never before ? Valravn is a copy of 2 others, with the CP twist.

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Sure. Let's ignore a coaster that doesn't yet exist in order to complain about a meaningless rubric ("copied" coasters).

I'm a Marxist, of the Groucho sort.

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The idea that a coaster is copied and almost just like a coaster in another park really doesn't matter unless those parks are very close together. The chances of the general public or me as a small time enthusiast ever riding the other two dive coasters in the US doesn't really need to be taken into consideration. It's amazing how many comments I've seen on facebook and yahoo already bitching about how lame Valravn is. How does anybody know? The footings haven't even been poured yet.

I wouldn't say Valravn will be a lame coaster at all, it seems a little plain but, I believe CP will possibly be spicing it up little more. At least some to hope so. And, copied coasters seem to be the norm to me. MF and TTD where copied after their birth shall I call it. Vulcan seems to have a lot of features of MF but, I believe will a coaster to contend with @ 415 ft high and 103 mph, and not being a lauched one. You know, coaster folks, some not all want CP to build the next TRUE king. But, for now enjoy Valravn.

From the best I can tell you took vulcan from here

You know this is just some guy's No Limits thing and is in fact not a real ride, right?

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Closing just because. They haven't even broken ground on Valravn yet.

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