Coastermania vs. CoasterMania!

There seems to be a gap in the history of this coaster enthusiast event. Hildebrant wrote how “Coastermania” started in 1978 when Cedar Point wanted to capitalize on the growing public interest in roller coasters and draw attention Gemini. The organization of the first event was strongly helped by a program at the Bowling Green State University. The History Timeline posted in this forum notes this too. But the timeline later starts counting CoasterMania in 1992 as the 4 annual event. This suggests the current CoasterMania event started in 1988 and there is a gap somewhere between 1978 and 1988. Google doesn’t seem to have much information on this. Does anyone here happen to know or could point me to an article on the subject?

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Ken Miller probably knows the answer to that, but I don't know if he is on this site or not. Maybe RideMan could chime in with some insight?

My first CoasterMania was 1991. It stands to reason that it might have been brought back in 1989 wth the opening of Magnum XL-200, and I think I have heard references to "MagnumMania". And I know there has been a CoasterMania every year since 1991. There was one year when the event was moved to late Summer because Cedar Point was hosting CoasterCon, but there was still a separate CoasterMania event that year.

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I've been going since '96. I've also heard about a " MagnumMania", but it was long ago, and I don't remember who said it, or the details. I always thought that was the beginning of the Coastermania event. I hadn't heard of anything earlier.

Magnum Mania I was June 1, 1990; Magnum Mania II was June 7, 1991. CoastMania started up again in 1992.

Thanks for the clarification.

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