Coastermania 2011

Cedar Point announced the details for Coaster Mania 2011 today! The details are as follows...

Special Notes
When: June 3rd-4th

June 3rd:
- Dick Kinzel Keynote Speech
- ERT 10:45pm - 1:00am (2.25hrs) on the following rides:
Skyhawk, Magnum XL-200, Top Thrill Dragster, Mean Streak (20th Anniversary)

June 4th:
- ERT 5:30am - 8:30am (3hrs) on the following rides:
Millennium Force, Maverick, Mantis (15th Anniversary), Corkscrew (35th Anniversary)
- ERT 10:15pm - 12:00am (1.45hrs) on the following rides:
Raptor, Blue Streak, Disaster Transport, Wicked Twister, maXair
- ERT 10:45pm - 12:00am (1.15hrs) on the following ride:

Cedar Point Lifer, RideOp, Now Park Guest
2008 - Mantis/MF/Skyride
2009 - ATL Raptor
2010 - TL Sweeps
2011 & 2012 - Area 3 Rides Supervisor

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Sounds like a good event like usual. Will probably be heading back up there for the second time. Had a great time last year.

Dick Kinzel Keynote? Asking for trouble? ;) Guess he's gonna talk about his career at Cedar Fair for his last CoasterMania.

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I've tried to make the last 2-3 years and haven't made it. Maybe this is the year?

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I'd like to make it....really need to join a club lol.

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WOW! Those ERT sessions are gonna be NUTS!! :D

I'm super psyched now for the season!

P.S.- Be sure to stay for the Film Fest after Kinzel, you won't be disappointed. ;D

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Yeah, Bryan gave us a heads up at the GOCC holiday party. This is the least ammount of time between Friday Night and Saturday Morning Ever! It's nuts! :-) Ain't no rest for the wicked!

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Might as well just CAMP inside the park. How cool would that be?! :)

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I'm hoping that one of my vacations that I take in June doesn't end up on that week. I'm planning on taking the Train across the Ohio and Pennsylvania valley to visit yet another amusement park I've never visited before. Last year I visited Hershey Park and Dorney Park. This year I haven't decided yet. So If I can get that weekend free, I'll come to Coaster Mania. I should be able to, I have plenty of time to plan it. :)

TTD 120mph said:
Might as well just CAMP inside the park. How cool would that be?! :)

Hell, just throw some sleeping bags on Judy and Myron and run them all night. It'd be better than riding the el in Chicago... :)

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We'd be like old west version of today's modern train bum. :)

-Adam G- The OG Dragster nut

I prefer to think of myself as a 'coaster hobo'...

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About how many people show up to an event like this? How are the lines during the ERT?

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Around 2000 (more or less) show up and the ert sessions are spread amoung multiple rides so you can get anywhere from 3-8 rides (or more) on one ride.

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I remember the days when that number was much much lower. Back then exclusive meant exclusive:)

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While they've added ERTs (I'm betting the MS ERT won't be that popular ;)), it seems they've gotten rid of the behind the scenes tours. Bummer. :(

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I think that was just a "special for the year" kind of deal. Our "special deal" this year is obviously the tons of ert. :)

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Since it's the 20th Anniversary and all, will there be a moment of silence for all the victims of Mean Streak?

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ERT on Disaster Transport?!? YES!!!!!

Sadly I'm a tiny bit serious... lol

How about DT with the lights on? That would be interesting.

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Very excited for this yet again. Last year's Coaster Mania weekend was probably the best weekend I've ever had at the point, and this has a lot of potential. Who's in for a Mean Streak take-over? Dibs on not back seat :)

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