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djDaemon said:

And only one of those cracked the top 5 most popular coasters at CP in 2017, which demonstrates just how out of touch most enthusiasts are (or at least enthusiasts who played this game).

Who cares if a ride is Intamin? Nobody.

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If you looked at my voting trends it's obvious what my top 4 was. First was Millennium, second was Gatekeeper, third was Maverick, fourth was Dragster. It gets tougher at fifth so I'll just wait and hope Steel Vengeance gets into the top 5 so I don't have to think about it.

Sacrificing playing video games to ride roller coasters.

I didn't play, but I feel like the top 3 came out pretty fairly. I have such a hard time personally ranking my favorite coasters at CP when it comes to stuff like Valravn, Gatekeeper and Rougarou. I'm not too picky and really enjoy all of them! The only one I can give a resounding number 1 to is still MF, however.

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Hold on there. Just becuase the Indians had better attendance numbers last year than the Browns doesn’t mean they are more popular. Lol. Well bad example, but you get my point. Capacity has an impact as well as the ride crew. (And injuries of course).

^ You must not have been around for the multiple arguments we've had over this...

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Oh crap I hate when I step in stuff like this. I guess I should go hide in Camp Snoopy for awhile,

Just don't step in something Snoopy left behind.

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Yeah, be careful of stepping in a BM, doggy BM can be especially unpleasant.

Missed a full season at CP for the first time since 2007, maybe Sandusky will be back on my travel list next year.... Depends what CP has up their sleeve for 2023.

I’ve said a few times that the top of my coaster list is mostly Intamin but if I were running a park B&M would get my business over Intamin.


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RMC would get my business over either of those.

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I would probably go with intamin.

Steel Vengeance rides: 190

I'd rather be sailing

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MF & Maverick are most certainly my 2 favorites at Cedar Point so Intamin all the way for me. Though Raptor & Valravan would be 3 & 4.

I've always viewed Intamin as the "lottery manufacturer." You can land an exceptionally strong ride or an incredibly weak one. B&M's tend to be more consistent, even though their exceptional rides may not match up to Intamin's (Fury excluded).

As a park owner I’m looking for a good coaster that the majority of the crowd will love, has an impeccable safety record, and is well engineered (both long term reliability and doesn’t need modifications right out of the gate). That screams B&M.


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What park to you own Mr. Denmark and how many B&Ms do you have there? Have any discounts for Pointbuzz members?

We are currently raising funds to build Shane’s Fantasy Lake a few miles southeast of Cleveland. Feel free to donate to our GoFundMe account, link can be found in another thread.

Admission will be $49.95 or we will offer season passes for 4 low payments of $9.95. Trying to get Jeff to post a PointBuzz Premium perk, no payments for 12 months on your season pass.

All admission will include Quick Pass Plus Plus, our exclusive front of line program, to eliminate haves & have-nots.

Hours will be noon till 12:05am (avoids last train of the night Battles since technically it’s morning).

Instead of Guest Services, we will have our Be Made Whole Again Department. Temper tantrums by enthusiasts will be resolved quickly by giving them what they want.

We are working with local high schools to get wood shop classes to come help rebuild a classic wooden coaster that was recently demolished at our site, hoping to find some original pieces still laying around to include in the structure.

There is a height restriction imposed by the town. We are in talks with B&M to have a scaled down version of Fury 325 built for the park. With a height of 75ft and top speed of 40mph, it will be the centerpiece when we open, and will be called Just Irritated 75.

We plan on having an enthusiast event before we open, to which we will also invite the media. You can wear whatever you want, with one exception... No Cargo Shorts allowed.


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^Post of the year.

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You almost covered all the bases, but I have just a few questions on that new park of yours.

Chick fil-A, will you have it?

How will soccer mom's raging over traffic be handled? Or are you just going to build a monorail?

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Screw empty headed animal food trough wiper! *throws drink cup in your face*.

I am off to Be Made Whole Again Department, I will show you!

Cargo Shorts said:

I am off to Be Made Whole Again Department, I will show you!

Aahhhh....He doesn't have one. Sorry.

Oops, my bad! I miss read that paragraph. Dam dyslexia!

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