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Gemini 100 survivor here... :)

Not sure my body could do it anymore, but I know 100 rides on Gemini would not be possible with the way they operate the thing now.


100 times in a row! Damn!!!!

e x i t english said:

djDaemon said:

In a row?

"Hey, try not to ride anymore coasters in the parking lot!"

I was wondering if anyone else would get that reference.

Pretty sure I got it.....

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Buncha savages in this forum...

MDOmnis said:

Gemini 100 survivor here... :)

Not sure my body could do it anymore, but I know 100 rides on Gemini would not be possible with the way they operate the thing now.

The other night I was watching a YouTube video from the old six train operation days. I completely forgot about the visual of seeing the two trains coming down the first drop as you made your way out of the last turnaround and through the last pass toward the final helix. Those were also the days when the busiest Saturday of the year would still get you rides on Gemini in less than 20 minutes. Good memories.

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I did ~130 on Gemini years ago for Coasting for Kids. I think I missed a few laps for a quick lunch and maybe a bathroom break, that was it. Non stop riding from 7am to 5pm (I think that was the time). By 3pm it was painful, but the racing, and high fiving with the "general public train" made the time fly by. I couldn't sleep right for a few days after that. I miss Coasting for Kids.

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Jeff said:

Millennium Mania was the time I learned that Raptor is not a ride that you can sit on indefinitely, even in your 20's.

THIS!!! I think I was on a train that did five or six trips in a row without departure. That was the time when I thought I finally nailed the crazy facial expression for the ride photo... and then had to try to repeat it perfectly four more times before finally getting off the ride to go look. It's been long enough ago that I don't recall now whether it was a horrible attempt or if the photos weren't even being displayed.

I would do something like Millennium Mania again in a heartbeat. The park itself wasn't overbooked and despite the very limited lineup - ride wait times were fantastic.

Proud to have fathered a second generation coaster enthusiast destined to keep me young at heart and riding coasters with a willing partner into my golden years!

mallman said:

Wow .... I like Gemini, but, damn if that hard stop doesn't get me more and more every year.

I don't think I ever once got a hard stop during the six train ops days. Gemini was a ride you tried not to set up back then even more than Magnum prior to the new control system.

Rode Mean Streak four times in a row at Coastermania once (w/ lights out). Don't know how Mean Streak Henry did it.

Skydiver said:

Don't know how Mean Streak Henry did it.

Henry knew which seats on which trains gave the smoothest ride. I rode a lot with Henry on Mean Streak marathoning.

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A few years ago, I was lucky enough to be picked for a photo shoot on Steel Vengeance. I rode 4 times in a row before getting rotated off for some fresh faces. I remember being glad for the break. Not that I felt pukey, but more like I'm getting old. 😆

That didn't stop me from getting back on for another 3 rides about 10 minutes later.

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