Closing Day 2019

Another season almost in the books! Windy (but dry) here at the park. Wicked Twister is currently sporting a 60 minute wait as it is the only coaster open. Everyone seems to be in good, understanding spirits (in person, not on social media). Hopefully the forecast will stay true and we'll get some coasters open in a few hours.

Have an enjoyable Closing Day everyone! And thanks to all the staff for another fun year!

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Well so far I'm enjoying myself. Even met Just Coasting. Some of the rides are opening up as well.

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I'd rather be sailing

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Just about all major rides are down because of wind. Today is mostly a haunt day for me and looking for clearance items in the stores

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The few rides that are open have unusually long wait times. 50 minutes for scrambler, 60 for Matterhorn.
The entire que is full for Skyhawk and spills out past the bathrooms. Wind did not keep people away for closing day!

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I'm gonna have to agree with ya there, dude. Wind hasn't stopped anyone. I did hear that they're going to open things up around 2 or 3 when the wind dies down.

Steel Vengeance rides: 212

I'd rather be sailing

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Blue Streak is open now with a full queue spilling out to the midway

I’ve been here all weekend and will close the place down tonight. The whole weekend has been a real disappointment which I will detail in a new thread later. It’s not complaining.... it’s wistfully looking back at how great things used to be and an observation on how things have changed.

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Wish I wouldn't have renewed my Platinum Pass for next season.

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Just looking at parking lot when I came in around a little afternoon it wasn't that bad. It probably just looks very crowded here because people are on the midways and not on rides

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The fact that not many rides are open doesn't help. If all the rides were open it would be walk on city.

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I’ll disagree with the walk on part. Main lot is just about full and there are piles of renewing pass holders using their free FLP.

Valravn is cycling. There is still hope for a good afternoon

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Man these Gold Passholders are like Honeybadger, nothing can stop them. :) Reminds me of Dollar Days at KI where parents will wait in line for 45 minutes to buy their kid a 2oz micro blue ice cream for $1.

Folks, days like today are made for being a couch potato and consuming copious amounts of adult beverages. For me it is wine today, prepping for our trip to Napa this week. Just in time for the wildfires. :(

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At the first signs of Valravn testing a line formed all the way back past Coasters. Nuts.

Many of the folks in line this morning were converting gold pass vouchers to passes. And I’m observing a lot of people looking around at this place like they’ve never been here before.

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Well I hope it works out for those of you there. I was about to come today but saw the forecast for 40 mph wind gusts and decided to go back to sleep.

Nothing is good when the gales of November come early.

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Most coasters have opened and it's business as usual. Lines are crazy since everyone has just been walking around all day

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I was hoping they would start those sales on Saturday, but seems like they are waiting until today.

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$5 T shirts at Pagoda, Valravyn and GateKeeper shops 50% off started Friday. There were also $5 2019 Peanuts shirts and 50% off Halloween items in Snoopy Boutique. I collected sizes form all the parents yesterday so I could buy them for all my great nieces and great nephews.

Didn't get to ride as much as I would have liked but I've been watching the forecast so I didn't expect a great riding day. Got a few good ones in Friday glad I did.

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By far the busiest closing say I’ve ever seen in the last 15 years. The weather definitely messed up the day quite a bit with most coasters not opening until 4 or so. My biggest observation today is how unhappy so many of the employees are. I’ve heard many of them tell stories of unhappy guests the past two weekends and one actually got spit on. They don’t seem motivated to work and loading times on the big roller coasters have been terrible. It looks like Millennium and Magnum are both in two train operation and the park is full. It definitely isn’t a day to get lots of rides in.

We'll miss you MrScott and Pete

I went today with my sister and it was fun, although VERY cold and windy! We just walked around and checked out the discounts. I got a $5 T shirt at the Pagoda. The lines for Cedar Downs and Cadillac Cars were very long since they were among the few rides operating.

I was sort of surprised that more merchandise wasn't marked down. They'd really rather repack all that inventory than sell it at a discount?

Wandered into the arcade, put a quarter into one of the Skeeball machines but the balls didn't (ahem) drop. Looked at the huge crowd around the front desk and decided it wasn't worth it to try and get my quarter back.

Had lunch at Melt. Walked in, told it was an hour and fifteen minute wait. Put my name in, was told I'd get an alert on my phone. We walked around, I was sent a link to keep an eye on wait time - and a good thing too, because I got an alert that our table was ready 20 minutes later, NOT an hour and fifteen minutes! AND you only have five minutes to get there once you get the alert or they drop you from the list.

The food was OK - HUGE wait for food after we were seated and put in our order. The sandwich was OK but soft on one side, so not fully grilled. Probably wouldn't eat there again, but it was indoors so that was something anyway.

Rode the train for one last look at Bonesville. Hey, Cedar Point maintenance, the skeleton cat that's usually on the fishing basket of the fishing skeleton fell off. You'll want to at least pick it up off the raft before it goes into the water.

Left at about 3:45, and of course the weather turned gorgeous at 4. That's the way it goes! See ya next year, CP.

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