Closing Day 2009-Goodbye Demon Drop!!

I'll probably be there the whole day, who else is planing on going this day?

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I'll be there all day.

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Barring any change of plans, I should be there all day.

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I will be at the park all weekend. Only my 3rd weekend this season... thats a new record low for visits in a season for me. I'm guessing getting married, my move to Pittsburgh and the new job had something to do with it ;)

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I'll be getting there late Friday night and staying for the whole weekend.

We'll miss you MrScott and Pete

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I'll be there Sunday. As much as it pains me, it may be the last closing day I get to go to as Halloween next year is on a Sunday and I feel more obligated to my haunted house. But that could all change seeing how I WANT to move out real badly!

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I'll be there. But, probably not until at least 3 or 4. I'll be spending most of the evening at Demon Drop.

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Pointbuzz Demon Drop takeover Sunday?

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I'm in!

4 summers of employment in ride operations does stuff to you.
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More then likely I'll be there.

I'm in for Demon Drop takeover

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I'll be there tomorrow with my girlfriend and brother. It's his first trip of the season. I'm glad he'll get to go this season. We're gonna get our last Demon drop rides in. It sure is gonna be strange not hearing it in the parking lot in the future.

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