Christmas Video

Just happened to see that Tony posted the Annual Christmas Video from the CP Crew...

ETA: Tony, the fedora looks good on you!!

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Well done as usual.

Also, at 1:30...


2018 Capital Plans Enclosed

Prepared by Richard Michael Crosby


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That's just a trick so we all get surprised by the first "non-announcement" of a major ride. Imagine how shocked people that come on opening day 2017 will be to see that Mean Streak is open and ready!

You heard it hear first.

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Thanks for the link...

As always, their video production never disappoints.

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....When I noticed the video, I was so excited/impatient, guess I forgot the link.

OOPS, forgetfulness: it happens

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Really enjoyed the theme this year. This doesn't seem like something that can be thrown together at the last minute. I'm impressed with their dedication to putting this together each year.

Also, I don't think "Intern" Jordan gets enough credit for the work he does. The quality of videos put out by the park over the last few years (PointCasts, Valravn Minutes, Rougarou Files, etc.) has been very good. Especially for a regional amusement park. Tony, Jordan, and others make a great team and put out great work!

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That's a beautiful McClure-O-Vision

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It's always nice to mark the holiday season & a nice bit of time off with this video every year....and after watching the video, I couldn't resist :)

Thanks for a great video and great year Tony. Enjoy the holiday on your end, and see you in 2017 :)

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